Living rich has nothing to do with what we can afford to buy — we want to live an abundant and full life with the people we love most.

Sure, it would be nice to have the money for a bigger home, a newer car, and a better education for your kids. It would be freaking awesome to be wealthy, but plenty of people live amazing lives outside of rap videos.

The bling in those videos is fake, but the stories of people consciously choosing to create the lives they want to live are real. That determination is the true differentiator between people who hope to someday live a rich life and those who already do.

All it takes is a little investment in your No. 1 asset: you.

Living a Rich Life in 6 Steps

It’s important for entrepreneurs to have values because we create products and services of value to others. By running an ethical company, we’re demonstrating the value we provide to others; as a result, business improves, adding to our wealth.

What fires you up every morning?

I wake up on what I call the jagged edge. I get up, grab myself between the legs, and charge into the day — I’ll figure out the tools and processes later. It’s important to be driven. Profits are your main motivational factor, so if the financial incentives aren’t there, it will be difficult to work though opportunities.

When I owned and operated CrossFit gyms and other fitness centers, people would come in all the time with different genetic limitations. That’s who we are as people, and we all point to these limitations as reasons not to get involved. But when people would tell me they were unhealthy because of their physical limitations, I’d ask if they did 10 pushups today or tracked their caloric intake.

Success is a choice, and I can’t help people who choose not to be helped. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but that’s a limitation I’ve chosen for my life to ensure my limited time on this planet is spent maximizing my full potential. That’s how you live rich.

However, we all experience helplessness at one point or another — it’s in our genes. As an entrepreneur, you’ll certainly reach the point at which you don’t have the particular resources or tools available to continue a project, so it has to be delayed. Luckily, these are temporary situations, and focusing on these daily mantras will bring richness into your life and keep it there.

On top of that, here are six steps to living rich:

1. Understand the give-and-take.

It may seem more altruistic to be a giver, but it’s also a gift to be a receiver. Plants and animals work in tandem by breathing out the chemicals necessary for the other to breathe. Understanding this universal truth helps you appreciate the moment you’re in.

2. Act in the face of fear.

Entrepreneurs already understand how to act in the face of fear — it’s what we do every day. If you want to be an adventurer of any kind, you’ll need to learn how to act rationally in the face of crippling fear.

3. Focus on your smile.

The world reacts to you based on your appearance and actions. A smile goes a long way toward relaxing people and getting more positive results in life. No matter what’s going on in your life, focusing on smiling will improve your day.

4. Shake it off.

Not everyone can win every time, no matter what all those trophies and ribbons we hand out may indicate. When you lose, don’t wallow in self-pity. Learn from it; then, move on. If you’re still alive, you have another shot.

5. Play to win.

You can’t expect to win when you’re simply playing not to lose. The difference in mindset manifests every time, so envision yourself as a champion; that’s how the day will play out.

6. Give back to others.

There’s no problem with wanting to create wealth, but it’s important to spread that wealth and use it to help others. Never forget that the only reason you have money is because someone gave it to you. Don’t be a Scrooge.

Business professionals everywhere want the next epic tool that will enable them to become the undisputed champion. While some people sit around and wait for it to come to them, others get to work building it. Who you choose to be in that situation is up to you; I already chose my path.

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Rick Martinez runs Life Pivot, a company that teaches people to cultivate purpose, passion, and productivity into finding a work-life balance that creates success. Life Pivot is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Find out how to work less and make more by subscribing to its purpose hacks.