Some research shows that the effects of aging are due in part to disuse. That leads to gradual deterioration of both muscle and nervous tissue. Studies have shown that aerobic activity and endurance exercises can improve and prolong mental as well as physical health. Learn how to up your health routine for maximum results so you can live a life full of vitality well into your golden years.

The Rest and Training Study

In 1967 at the University of Texas in Dallas, 5 healthy, young male students volunteered for a study requiring that they spend 3 weeks in bed. Physical exams conducted before and after the period of rest showed significant increases in blood pressure and body fat, along with decreases in heart and lung capacity.

These same men were then put on a 2-month exercise program which not only reversed the ill effects of the rest study, but left all 5 in better shape than their original tests indicated.

Revisiting Dallas

In 1996 new researchers asked all 5 men to come back. Now in their 50's, all were still in good health. The 5 subjects started a new fitness program focused again on aerobic and endurance exercise, this time for 6 months. While it didn't magically transform them into 20-years-olds again, it did lead to considerable weight loss, and most remarkably the cardiovascular function of all 5 returned to the same levels of 30 years before.

Endurance and Aerobics

While other factors such as genetics, disease, and diet come into play, the lesson we all accept today is that cardiovascular health is essential to quality of life. Exercise reduces LDL (harmful cholesterol) and boosts HDL (good cholesterol). It improves mood, sleep, reflexes, and memory, as well as muscle strength and bone density. Those who go that extra mile find their health improving markedly.


Even for those who've neglected their bodies, the ailments of old age are reversible. Longevity treatments are here. Experienced professional medical teams from Longevity Medical Clinic and similar organizations can now work with each patient to develop programs that help them slow down and reverse the negative effects of aging. Cutting-edge medicines and comprehensive programs can help to restore energy, fight disease, and prolong a healthy lifestyle.

A current theory says that we are genetically programmed to be "lazy". This dates back to the age of the hunter-gatherer when people didn't know where the next meal would come from. In between, they stayed still to conserve energy. Since those days are long gone, enjoying later life for us means doing whatever it takes to slow aging and get moving again.

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