Living and Enjoying “NOW”
The essence of Zen teachings is taking our awareness deeply into “Now”.
Current and past sages, saints, gurus and teachers have always tried to get us to understand that to eliminate pain and suffering from our lives we have to shift our consciousness from the past and the future to the now.
Their teachings were designed to heighten our consciousness.
To get us out of our unconscious false egos and to live consciously in the present… the only time there actually is… Now.

Zen master Rinza, in order to shift his student’s minds and thoughts of past and future would raise his finger and slowly ask: “What at this precise present moment is lacking” A powerful question designed to drive the students into contemplating on a spiritual, not mind level now. For at each precise moment of now nothing is truly lacking. Rinza was trying to teach his students that what we call, lack, pain, desire, anxiety and worry reside only in our egos. He was leading his students to the awareness that there is really no physical place as past or future; there is only the physical now.

To really understand the limiting beliefs created by our egos and to learn to harness your full potential I suggest the seminal book on living in the present by Eckhart Tolle, titled The Power of Now, A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.

If we can break out of the false and limiting beliefs of our egos we cam live in health and prosperity and love and joy...NOW...not some day in the future.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Monahan is a spiritual teacher. He is founder and Executive Director of the non profit IDEAS-insttute
IDEAS Institute teaches it's program of Consciously Enlightened Entrepreneurship.

Steve is also founder and publisher of the online magazine Total Wellness Living at