I am reminded today of the fact that all we have is this present moment. We can’t be anywhere else than where we are right now. We can’t, by sheer willpower – in this moment -- make ourselves into something we are not. No matter how fiercely we may want to.

Years ago, my heart was broken by a man who wanted something different, while I wanted him. An old story, indeed. I tried with all my will to alter that hollow feeling, that echo in my head of “he doesn’t want me.” I vaguely knew that my thoughts about it were making me feel worse and yet I couldn’t stop myself. Now I know why. I had to accept where I was first, before I could move on.

I knew enough to know that if this was happening to me that I had attracted it. And trust me, that is a hard pill to swallow! But wait…if that was true, that I had brought this incredible pain to my doorstep, then there must be a gift inside there somewhere for me. Napoleon Hill says: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Aha!

Accepting what is going on right now in your life is the gateway to freedom. When we just accept that whatever we have going on JUST IS and it’s okay, the grip of resistance is loosed and change is now free to take place. Resisting (or resenting or regretting) our present circumstances is sure to guarantee that they stay.

So how do you accept what is?

First, remember you don’t have all the information. (In fact, it’s impossible.) How many times, in hindsight, can you see that a seeming disaster was really a needed change? If we could look at each unhappy occurrence in that light -- as curious observers to God’s master plan -- we could reach peace about it more quickly.

Second, remind yourself of some truths. Otherwise known as affirmations, statements like these can help you get centered in acceptance. “Well Being Abounds.” “I am worthy.” “I don’t have to know everything that’s going to happen, I know enough.”

Third, practice forgiveness. A fine habit to develop, forgive everyone and everything you can think of. When you realize we are all flawed and perfect at the same time, you can let everyone – and yourself – off the hook.

Author's Bio: 

Christina Watson is a dynamic prosperity life coach. She helps her clients discover their own path to prosperity. Christina believes that every person has the power to transform their world and is committed to partnering with them to assist in that process.