It's impossible to appreciate your life if you spend most of your time regretting the past and fretting the future. True peace is found when you center your awareness in the present moment and accept the stillness and clarity of now.

Living in the present moment is the key to true happiness. If you can stop wrestling with your mind and learn to trust your true self, you will be rewarded.

A natural state of peace is easily available to you any time you choose to accept it. And the flow of spontaneous joy is yours when you simply let go of the need to control your thoughts and allow the moment to unfold.

Reality passes us by as we allow our minds to drift in the chaos of thought-driven awareness. But life is not nearly as stressful when we stop living in past regrets and future anxieties.

For many this premise is difficult to grasp. In fact it's not uncommon for people to become defensive, clinging to their right to be always anxious and overwhelmed by thoughts and mental conversations.

Perhaps you are also a bit put off by the suggestion to slow down and embrace the now. You may wonder: how can one simply stop thinking and enjoy the moment when there is so much to do?

But in fact life seems to slow down and become more manageable when you begin living fully in the present moment. Furthermore, you'll find more energy - both physical and mental - when you free yourself from the burden of constantly micromanaging your mind.

And best of all, your life will become once more refreshed and invigorating. You will live in moment-to-moment bliss, free to experience new feelings and ideas without trying to conform to any specific behavioral patterns.

Life is not meant to be mediocrity and predictability. Each day can and should emerge from infinite potential.

Consider that millions of people awake each morning dreading their routine and plunging right into the same thought patterns they went to bed resenting. Is it any wonder depression and stress-related illnesses are so prevalent in this society?

On the other hand imagine waking each new morning filled with the excitement of not knowing exactly what the day will hold. Sure you may be going to your regular job and engaging many of your standard activities, but because you live primarily in this moment there is no sense of turmoil or subtle resistance wearing you down.

And throughout each day, imagine the freedom you'll feel as you find and follow the flow of life. Rather than trying to talk yourself through every waking moment you will be listening to your intuition and acting according to your inner guidance system.

Center your awareness on this moment. It may help to shift your attention to the very center of your chest, behind your sternum.

Never mind anything that has happened before right now. And let go of anything that might happen at a later time.

Be aware of the space between you and this page. Allow your mind to flow and think as it pleases without interrupting or getting involved.

See if you can let go of everything and be right here in the now. And hold on to this awareness as the seconds and moments pass.

If you catch a glimpse of your essential self, of the "you" that resides behind the thinking mind, you'll see deep peace and stillness. You should know that it's your birthright to embody this stillness in every waking moment.

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