Living in the present moment is the key to having full access to your personal power. Only when you release the constant stream of daydreams and mental chatter can you function at full capacity.

When you accept the now you are more alert, relaxed, and energized. Also it is very common to experience spontaneous joy and optimism.

Many spiritual teachers make this point, but due to the experiential nature of present moment mindfulness, people often do not grasp the power of the message. In fact sometimes people look at the process of allowing the now as some sort of chore or work task.

The truth is it's both natural and easy to let go of your mind and be fully immersed in the present moment. While you may have learned a different way of being from society, centeredness in the moment is your natural state.

When you are able to finally let go, often after a bit of practice, you'll feel a deep sense of peace and exhilaration wash over you. There is little question that a state of being in the now is our most natural place of presence. Both our bodies and our minds function at full capacity when we are free in the present moment.

Also, living in the now is the only way to have a truly exciting, refreshing life. Rather than resigning yourself to a routine and accepting the mundane nature of life, you can allow each new moment to unfold as it will and bring a new experience into your awareness.

The universe is filled with infinite potential, yet most of us recreate the same events and circumstances over and over for decades until we finally pass from this life. How sad and bizarre that we seem unable to comprehend the unlimited possibilities all around us when we become absorbed in our narrow, habitual view of the world.

Living in the now means to stop pushing and let life flow. Allow the moment to just be what it naturally is.

You'll discover new things about the body you have lived in for years. And you'll learn a great deal about the person you really are; it's very common for people to change dramatically when they stop living in their head and begin living in the real world of now.

You can start embracing the moment by telling yourself each day when you awake that new things are in store for you. Rejoice in the fact that you don't know exactly what's coming your way with each new moment and be mindful of the fact that new experiences can enter your life at any time.

With this frame of mind, begin to practice letting go of your thought-state throughout the day. Just step back from the process of constant thought and become aware of your body, your physical surroundings, and the subtle feelings within your body.

Once you begin your pursuit of the truth it's likely you'll be hooked for life. The whole world changes when you view it from the lens of now, and not from the prejudicial perspective of constant thinking and reliving of old experiences.

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