Having an enriching experience of 30+ years in the finance industry, Liz Miller, CFP®, CFA, is the epitome of visionary leadership. Liz serves as the President at Summit Place Financial Advisors, LLC. Before launching Summit Place, Liz held increasingly senior roles at different financial service organizations. Her team at Summit Place offers a personalized goal-oriented approach to help people achieve their financial objectives. Combining her experience and expertise, Liz has significantly contributed to simplifying the financial lives of people.
In an interview with Insights Success a business magazine online, Liz sheds light on her professional journey and how Summit Place is helping people enjoy coordinated financial well-being at the most personal level.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What makes your organization a preferred choice for your clients over the competition?

We know that genuine relationships grow over time, and when carefully built, they can last generations. This is the core of our approach to clients.

Summit Place Financial Advisors, LLC Summit Place also stands out in the crowded financial services industry by targeting a growing and ignored market niche: those with $5-$25 million in wealth whose financial complexity demands more than mass-market solutions.

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