If you are a commercial truck driver with only liability insurance, you may not get all the coverage you need. Many things can happen during a job that may not be covered by your primary responsibility.

Although liability insurance is a great way to avoid claims against yourself from others, it only pays for property damage and injuries to other drivers and your platform? And your body? Without proper coverage in the event of an accident, you will be high and dry. Protecting your truck with full coverage LKW Versicherung (truck insurance) is a smart way to protect your future and your livelihood.

Similarly, a lot can happen when you are not at work or when you are working. Any amount of damage can be inflicted on your trucks, your trailers, and even your cargo. Just because they are not on the road does not mean they are not vulnerable.

If you are looking to cover your damages at these events, you will need to purchase some optional types of coverage. In general, drivers want coverage for both their property (the rig) and themselves in the event of personal injury. Listed below are the most common types of truck insurance that truck drivers choose to protect their property and their wallets.

Physical Damage Insurance

This covers damage to your vehicle that may occur in an accident. This coverage extends whether or not you are found to be at fault for the situation. You can also find physical damage coverage that will cover you when the truck is not operational. This type of truck insurance is ideal for your peace of mind. Physical damage insurance takes care of your truck; plain and simple. It may be your fault. It may be your dog's fault. It may be nature's fault. For whatever reason, no matter whose fault it is, the physical damage insurance will repair or replace your property and your beloved truck.

Trailer Exchange Insurance

This type of truck insurance ensures that both independent and large companies are covered by making trailer exchange agreements with other companies or operators to save fuel and other costs. Covers the driver or company in case of accident or damage to the other company or property of the driver. It is similar to cargo insurance, but with trailer swap insurance, more than one company or driver is involved. This is a useful type of insurance to maintain good commercial relations between transport companies.

A Note To Independent Owner/Operators

Bobtail insurance is a type of truck insurance that covers independent drivers when they are not actively employed by a motor carrier. Truck drivers are often after hours or have finished their work but are still driving the truck. Bobtail insurance covers truck drivers during these "in-between" times when employer coverage is not in effect. It allows drivers to remain insured when not covered by employers without having to purchase their own full primary liability policy. Bobtail insurance is like having insurance coverage only when you need it and not covered by someone else.

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