After decades of offline business, our partner decided to build an online platform where users can easily apply for, monitor, and obtain loans without worrying about their credit score.

Seeing the prosperity of the customer platform, our partner also got interested in developing a mobile application. To satisfy new requirements, we created Android and iOS apps that provide the same core functionality as the web platform.

We also helped these financial businesses discover their potential:

- Goals
Spread awareness of the brand
Provide accessibility to customers
Expand through online sales
- Solution
Web platform using React, Next.js, and Redux.
Apps for iOS and Android, based on the EPIC Loan Systems API using React Native.
- Outcomes
We developed a customer portal where users can easily apply for and monitor loans. The platform allows a customer to provide relevant information using a five-step form. Based on this information as well as data from various financial databases, the system then automatically determines loan eligibility.
For the platform’s managers, we integrated an admin panel that displays information about log collection and errors. With the help of the admin panel, managers can also handle user applications and see the time spent filling out application forms.
- Outcomes
The application offers a user-friendly process for applying for a loan, communicating with the customer support team, and monitoring repayment.
Integration with financial databases allows the system to process users’ loans and automate the document flow.

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Fintech lending companies use technology like artificial intelligence, big data and even blockchain to make life a lot easier for both borrowers and lenders alike. They give lenders fast access to the data they need to approve loans, and help borrowers get their money faster than walking into a brick-and-mortar financial institution.

Fintech lending solutions also provide borrowers with tools to monitor their financial health, compare rates to ensure they get the best deal and keep up with payments to build toward a healthy credit score. And they bring financing options to traditionally underserved populations by expanding geographic access and letting lenders collect information from non-traditional sources to determine creditworthiness. Get more information about loan processing system with a custom admin panel.