The finance ministry has started an investigation in opposition to businesses connected in job across the LoC-Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir beneath the GST Act and has asked for particulars from the state government regarding the goods sent and obtained since the year 2017. 

The details about businesses engaged in trade across the Line of Control were sought in March about top ten traders, following which the Union home ministry postponed the trade till strict measures are taken to keep an eye on the trade. The strict measures include setting up of complete-body truck scanners, which bureaucrats said might take quite a few months.
As per the order of finance ministry, features were sought beneath Section 70 of the CGST Act by April 15. Traders of both Salamabad of Chakan Da Bagh and Uri in Poonch are under the scanner. The home ministry broadcasted the delay of cross-LoC trade on Thursday saying the route was being misused on a huge scale. Officials said that trading of items such as mangoes, red chili, dry fruits, and herbs will be hit following the indistinct suspension of cross-LoC trade. Around 280 traders who were involved directly in the trading will be having an effect after the suspension of the business. Traders said that they were with the government on making it an infallible trade and that they also wanted to be treated as distinguished businessmen instead of a group of people involved in some doubtful activity.
Cross-LoC barter trade has had an unstable journey since its beginning, however, it is still considered to be the largest confidence-building measure among India and Pakistan. It has frequently been postponed in the get up of political nervousness among the two countries. The NIA or National Investigation Agency has investigated some of the traders for their alleged involvement in illegal money exchange and narcotics. 

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