Pakistan has its fare share of higher educational institutes in the world, some of which are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. The educational campaign for higher education in Pakistan is run by HEC or the Higher Education Commission of the country.
Pakistan’s University of Management and Technology (UMT) is one of the leading higher education academic institutes in the country. It’s more modern ideology of co-education and urban education makes it committed to teaching and learning excellence. It offers a diverse range of degrees that are measured along international standards.
University Of Management and Technology Pakistan was inducted into the education system in 1990 through a renowned project titled, ‘The Institute of Leadership and Management’ (ILM). ILM was founded by top educational experts, professionals, and industrialists with the aim to increase the organization’s individual efficiency. Led by this noble mission of educating the masses and helping out those who can’t defines its boundless human potential to its finest form; ILM has long stood up to challenges of the information-based economy, globalization, and ever increasing complexity. But it has so far been successful in its mission.
Students are educated through a unique and gradually expanding process that enables them to develop their skills in grasping business ideas, techniques and problems, while effectively thinking and accurately thinking the options rationally. They are allowed to take over the responsibility for their own education, and become active individuals and leaders, to apply and define their knowledge on a real-world level.
UMT aims to increase and adjust administrative and academic scholarship techniques. Courses are of an internationally approved difficulty level and aligned to the needs of the modern day career atmosphere. At UMT, lifelong education is not simply a phrase it is reality. University Of Management and Technology Pakistan provides a core and medium for the professional development of students and teachers alike.
One more such university is IBA, an international joint project foundation of USC and Wharton University of France. Internationally learned staff and renowned professors offer their courses in this Institute which is included in the top 100 universities of the world. Institute of Business Administration is also one of the oldest in the world.
Institute of Business Administration Pakistan has only just become the first university in Pakistan to become a partner of the CFA Institute, SAP University committee and various similar ventures. A part of its aim is to seek approval of international standards. The management seeks to collaborate with the many other Universities in Asia.

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