As we close 2009’ there is a real sense of despair amongst the masses who have been victimized by this historic and life changing financial collapse and unemployment pandemic. People from all walks of life and in every community are looking for ways to make money that will replace that old job mentality and get rid of those tiny unemployment checks.
As the Google searches continue to mount for a home based business or some other way to make fast money online, there is also a fear attached to this mystical search for freedom from our current situation. Most are programmed to be skeptical of buying anything online, let alone an opportunity or life changing past time to replace our supposed stable jobs.
There are a few simple steps one can take to minimize this perceived risk and to get the touchy-feely nature of the internet maze. First, we need to search out opportunities and ideas for home businesses and making money online with someone who is local to our area or at least our home state. Most of the fear surrounding this type of life change is that anyone, anywhere can advertise online but the questions always becomes, are they reputable and legitimate? While the internet provides the landscape and platform to access information almost as quick as your fingers can type, it also strips us of our innate abilities to assess and do some due diligence on a person or business. In the end people follow people, and they want to trust someone and there is no better way to do this than to stay local with your searches. A prime example of this is in the state of Utah where it continues to outrank every other state in Network Marketing Companies registered and Utah Home Businesses. This gives you, the searcher a real edge in legitimizing your efforts when you become serious about starting your own online empire.
There also exists within all of us no matter what the internet can provide for answers, to see and speak directly with someone we are giving our money to or entrusting them to coach and mentor us to home based business success. In our Utah Home business example, there are companies that do have a brick and mortar feel with real coaches and mentors on site to answer any questions, network with other like minded entrepreneurs and provide that hands on approach to starting your own business online. Let’s face it, starting your own business for most people is a daunting task and the perceived lack of stability in this world makes them very vulnerable so any face to face time with a coach, trainer and mentor can boost their confidence to sign up with a more cemented, and not virtual internet company.
Lastly, when you can personalize and localize for a face to face relationship it makes much easier to find instant commonality with that person or business opportunity. With Google Maps legitimizing businesses in the network marketing and home based business arena, it becomes easy to access and find the true personalities behind the internet ads. Make no mistake, there are legitimate companies with real people, making real money and willing to coach and mentor you for a Utah Home Business. After all, wouldn’t you want to start a successful and provable Utah Home Business from someone in Utah? As the saying goes, if you can’t find it, Google It!
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Copyright, 2009’
By Scott Lifer

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Scott Lifer- Independent Entrepreneur and Home business consultant. Author, Radio show host, Professional Speaker for the Mega Information Era.