Locksmiths today can do anything from rescuing a distressed homeowner locked out of their home to repairing and replacing locks of commercial businesses. There are some locksmiths that specialize in a certain field such as safes. These locksmiths are knowledgeable in the service, repair, installation, and sales of safes. Some locksmiths work for companies that specialize in safes while others will travel to various locations when a customer has a problem with their safe, whether it is a resident or commercial business.

When working on safes a locksmith must have precise tools and keep them ready so they are able to complete a job for most every type of circumstance in regards to the service, repair, or installation of a safe. One such tool is called the borescope, which is an optical device that consists of a flexible or rigid tube. On one end is an objective lens with an eyepiece on the other end. They are linked together with a relay optical system in between the two ends. The optical system is normally surrounded by optical fibers, which are used for illumination. With the illumination, it allows the remote object to be illuminated and form an image in the object lens. This image is then replayed to the locksmith’s eye. The borescope is used to help inspect areas that would be inaccessible to be viewed by any other means.

The next tool for working on the safe would be a drill rig, which is an instrument that holds the drill in place while the locksmith drills the safe. The types of bits used for safe work are the carbide drill bits. Another safe tool is the hammer drill, also known as a roto or rotary hammer. This type of drill is a rotary drill that has a hammering action. This tool provides a function that is similar to the jackhammer.

There is also the nose puller and door puller, which are usually made accessible on site and can be used for different types of repair, entry, or service. There are also assorted safe change keys that resemble a Swiss Army Knife. These keys are mandatory when there is a need to change the combinations of different brands and types of safes.

When servicing, repairing, or replacing safes, safe deposit boxes, vaults, and file cabinets the correct application and use of the tools of a locksmith are essential. If the locksmith has never worked with safes before, look at ones who have knowledge of safes and the tools to make sure the work is done correctly.

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