Pandemic of Covid-19 causes a remarkable increase in user registrations and membership purchases on They are the new competitors to the old fashioned sugar dating websites. Log and Meet observe that rise all around Canada and the United States, where the authorities' installed curfew and social restrictions are making internet servers busier than usual.

With an extensive database of sugar daddies, sugar mamas and sugar babies signed up on its platform, Log and Meet is now arguably the world’s most exciting and reliable sugar dating platform. Thanks to Log and Meet, adult men and women can now meet and connect with younger adult boys and girls, otherwise known as “sugar babies”. The new sugar dating platform has been specifically designed to help users find sugar dates without falling prey to catfish profiles and fake people.

Sugar dating is often referred to as one of the best things to happen to society because everybody wins. Sugar babies get all the pampering and care in the world while sugar daddies and mamas get the attention, company, and affection that they need. With sugar dating platforms like Log and Meet, young adults have managed to secure educations, cars, and other crucial amenities that make life easy. On the flip side, sugar daddies and mamas have managed to spice up their adult age by tapping into the fountain of youth. No drama, misunderstanding, or fights since both parties express at the beginning what are their expectations from the relationship.

"We believe that being a sugar baby means being spoiled and our site is the first one to do it by making all of our site's features completely free for sugar babies." - Log and Meet.

Although previously unrefined, the concept of sugar dating has been around for centuries, with seemingly older people spoiling their younger partners with resources at their disposal. Despite the outrageous rise in online dating platforms over the years, sugar dating has continuously been left behind. But not anymore with Log and Meet tailoring its platform to enhance sugar dates and making things easier for all parties involved.

Log and Meet is first of its kind in the online dating industry. The platform is user-friendly and offers a secure messaging system that guarantees the confidentiality of its members. Log and Meet has also earned the praise of many for its “very affordable” membership fees, a non-less important fact to consider in the context of the pandemic of covid-19. As they explain it themselves, they don’t want to overcharge their users as other dating sites might do, especially while everybody struggles enough from the economic recession.

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