It has long been supposed that Mathematics is to a large extent a logical activity. But it is not always easy to reduce it to logic on account of the fact that it has its own vocabulary with its own set of rules. In the past Mathematics was studied in some countries under classical logic. Logic is one common faculty that is exercised in different dimensions of human thought. It is applied to achieve clarity in thinking so that a solution is easily discovered within the framework of a subject. We also use logic to understand one another and life in general. On many occasions we have to translate this logic which is a study of argument into a framework where it gets applied to the symbols unique to the subject in question.

Mathematics employs a great deal of logic. It got to a stage in the past when the distinction between logic and Mathematics was not entirely clear. But as the world of numbers evolved many observations were required to be quantified. There was then as a consequence the distinction drawn and Mathematics and logic were studied separately. But Logic similar to Mathematics has a beautiful rigour with its own rules of syllogism and set of symbols. There are instances today of students who are enamoured by the art of logic but it is now mostly studied as a subject under Philosophy and in a different form under Computer Science. But students who are passionate about logic may have difficulty operationally, say with calculation. They therefore tend to prefer studying logic in a vacuum. There are ways of making up for difficulties in the operational aspect of Mathematics. By understanding the relationship between values a student will know how to use them to get clarity which opens up the solution.

Students who are interested in logic can do many puzzles that involve sharp logical thinking. These students usually have high clarity in thought that gets revealed in logic puzzles. An example of such a puzzle is Sudoku. Such puzzles help refine their thought-process which in turn enhances Mathematical ability involving logic. There is some coordination with the faculties which both logic puzzles and Mathematics share in common. The difference lies only in application of concepts. In online tutoring the thought- process of a student is highly appreciated and the innate ability is leveraged to master Mathematics. So if you are puzzled by Mathematics solve logic puzzles to understand the relationship between the Art of Logic and the Queen of Sciences which is Mathematics.

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