A logo of an organization is much more than just a source of creating identity. It is a complete and a powerful marketing tool; it serves to open a diversified network of customers for an organization. Depending upon the quality, a logo design can either bring an organization to limelight or take it to the darkest corner of the business world. Now, what does quality refer to? Majority people think that a good quality logo design should only be attractive and enticing. For them, if you have used good colors and graphics then you have successfully designed a sound quality logo.

The reality is actually the other way round. A good quality logo requires much more than an enticing look. It needs a well defined corporate message. It is incomplete because it has got nothing to convey to the target audience; therefore, target audience have got nothing to remember. A logo design without any message is meaningless; it is meaningless for the recognition and brand image of an organization.

Now, why an individual is not able to remember such logos? Why these logos are least memorable. The answer is simple and easy to understand. A logo design without any meaning or message is equivalent to an ordinary image. Its sound colors and captivating graphics might be able to grab the attention of the customers but they won’t be able to stick to their memories. An individual comes across thousands of images. Only few stay in his memory for a long time. Those images have something unique and have something to convey.

The message within a logo plays a pivotal role in building relationships with the target market. It serves to make a connection between a business and its customers. Logo is the first impression of an organization; therefore, it can help you in gaining the trust and confidence of your customers. Incorporate a good and authentic corporate message in your logo design and build a sound brand image. The more your logo is meaningful; the more it is memorable.

Another extremely important point to discuss is the reason behind the presence of such meaningless logos. Organizations with such logo designs fail to understand its importance. They just focus on temptation and overlook its other features. This way they lose the opportunity to convince their customers for their high standards and corporate values and lose a chance to build a good brand image in the industry. This isn’t a minor loss. The process of logo designing requires a huge amount of money. It all goes in vain if the logo isn’t able to portray a professional image of the business. To avoid such loses, one must create a logo after extensive research and observation.

Now, what a corporate message should be all about? How can one develop a sound message? It is all about understanding the needs of your target market and strengths of your competitors. Create such a message that gives your organization a professional look and holds the power to convince your customers. A memorable logo design can help you penetrate deep in the market and grab potential customers at a rapid pace.

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Claudia Winifined is a social media specialist and likes to share her views on Logo Design & Brochure Design.