You may well be stood there with a London gym day pass in your hand, ready and raring to go. But the real question is where you should start or better yet how to get started at the gym. Of course if you do already have a pass to hand then you’ll have made the all-important decision to do “something”. What we look at here is where and how to get started at the gym once you have decided that you are going to attend. Get it right and you’ll look back on the day as a great success and the start of what will be a wonderful journey. Get it wrong however and you may well end up, like so many others before you, quitting. So if you’re keen to get going, and more importantly to keep going, then read on for tips and advice. Now is the time to start swiping your London gym day pass!


Like anything new, joining a gym and going for the first time will feel a little intimidating, but you should just remember that everybody else in there will have walked through those same doors for the first time too. One day, you’ll look at the doors yourself and realise that it didn’t matter at all, and moreover that nobody was watching anyway!


There are some basics that you can learn before your first session, such as terminology – squats, lunges and presses etc. If you go in knowing some of the lingo, it will feel less alien and more “normal”. It’s a good idea to do a little research and plan out your training before you hit the gym, otherwise you’ll find yourself in an unfamiliar space with too many options. Set yourself some goals and devise a programme that will help you achieve them, then when you walk into the gym, you’ll feel less alien. Preparation is key and means more than simply having a clean gym kit. An induction might help a little too!

More Than One

One way of reducing the stress is to ensure that the experience is shared. So consider getting yourself a training partner – preferably one with the same training goals; think about joining a fitness class; or hire a personal trainer (obviously this will have an additional cost). Sharing the burden of going will not only help you get over the initial hesitancy, it will also mean that you will be less likely to miss any sessions as you’ll be letting others down too!


They say that timing is everything, and it’s true. So, if you’re feeling a little intimidated, consider training at a time that will be less busy i.e. not directly after work. Once you have got used to the gym and the routines, you’ll be able to go and train at a time more suitable to you – however, this may they mean a little waiting around if the gym is busier.

New And Fun

Remember that the gym is meant to be fun and that trying new things is meant to be enjoyable. Now of course that doesn’t mean that you should not take your health and fitness regime seriously, of course you should, but if you also enjoy it then you’ll more likely stick to it. If it starts to become tiresome (it will be tiring of course), then you need to consider changing your routine to keep it fresh. Health and fitness is not a punishment, it is a reward that you are able to give to yourself through a little hard work. If you invest in yourself, then you will see the benefits fairly quickly.

If you have considered matters carefully and decided that you need to get started at the gym, then this is an important step. But it is only the first step, the journey is much longer. There will be times at which you think that you’ve had enough or that you want to quit, but just remember that everybody else has these same thoughts too. The difference between people is what they do when those thoughts occur.

If you are someone who has good intentions but then fails to act upon them, then you will always end up disappointed. However, if you are someone that has decided to get started at the gym, has their London gym day pass in hand and most of all is committed to change, then hopefully these tips will help you realise and achieve your goals. Good luck.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.