Is it a little lonelier at the top recently?

"The 1990s, with CEOs as heroes, was a lot more fun than 2002, when you're a criminal until proven guilty," laughed Jim Mullen, CEO of Cambridge-based Biogen, one of the nation's largest biotech companies. "There's a huge amount of skepticism about what it means to be a corporate leader. But it's like any other business challenge; we just have to work through it."

Are you "working through it?" Lately it seems that so many people in leadership positions are taking inventory of what it means to be a leader. Some are fleeing the role. From board defections to executive departures, many in the corporate ranks are buckling under the weight of hyper scrutiny of their abilities and responsibilities.

Adversity does not build character, it exposes it!

I believe that true leaders are willing to fill in the void that has been created by those unworthy of their positions. Quality leaders are willing to forge ahead in times like these simply because they know that they have a duty to do so.

Leadership is a gift that has been bestowed upon a select few. Times like these demand that leaders with strong values take charge. Now is the time to maximize your gift!

Seize the opportunity to help others through these challenging times. Revel in the challenge and the character that it builds in you, and those around you. It is a lonely weight that you may have to carry alone.

But if not you...

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As Founder and CEO of The Rescue Institute, The Global Leader in Executive Coaching™, Drayton is an internationally respected Executive Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Author, and Mentor. He has demonstrated his innate leadership skills time and again having risen to the highest levels in corporate America, as well as in civic organizations.

Drayton has proven himself as a company President, as an entrepreneur running a high profile startup, and as a Vice President of a Fortune 100 firm, all before the age of 40. He has forged multi-million dollar joint ventures with leading Wall Street investment firms and successfully led two large national sales forces with sales in excess of $100MM.

He is a coach and confidant to chief executives throughout the world. Drayton’s enormous success stems from the fact that he has “been there, done that” and understands the challenges facing today’s leaders. His undisputed gift is turning theory into successful action.

His new book- Coming UnScrooged! A Contemporary Classic of Corporate Rescue and Redemption is already garnering high praise from many quarters.

The Rescue Institute’s mission is to help 10 million people save themselves from the lives they’ve created ®- through Coaching!
Most importantly, Drayton has learned how to live a balanced and fulfilling life... something most executives would give anything to enjoy. He lives with his wife of 22 years and their two great kids at 8,000 up in the Rockies. He can be reached at