The favourite cocktail of 2017 just got a bit boring in early 2018. With endless combinations and different flavours, there is no limit to this superb cocktail. The name suggests it effect and euphoria: it takes you long. As popular this cocktail might be, it is one of the most expensive cocktails available in India. The cost of a Long Island Ice Tea is high due to one simple factor: 5 white spirits are combined and topped off with Coke to give a cool, refreshing and enchanting experience. Long Island Iced Tea is a perfect cocktail for summer as it is strong in nature, smooth in taste, appealing to the eyes and chilled with ice. There are many different preparations for a Long Island Iced Tea, some like to have 5 white spirits with cranberry juice and Sprite, some top-off the spirits with blue curacao and Red Bull, and there is a new flavour: a mixture of Cosmopolitan and Mojito. Yes, you read it right, simple syrup (sugar) is added with orange juice, cranberry juice and Sprite.

We have a refined recipe for Long Island Iced Tea for you. So, relax and spend your summer in serenity. The name of this recipe is ‘Long Island Iced Tea with a Twist.’ While ordering a cocktail, or reading on a menu, ‘With a Twist’, it simply means one thing, with lemon or some other form of citrus. Chilled, refreshing and rejuvenating Long Island Iced Tea is one saviour this summer. The recipe is mentioned below.

Ingredients required:
A.Five White Spirits (White Alcohol) – 60ml / 1 Part
3.Triple Sec
5.White Rum
B.Coke – 240 ml / 4 Parts
C.Grape Juice – 30 ml / ½ Part
D.Lemon Juice – 3 drops / 1 dash
E.1 Serving Glass or Mason Jar
G.Ice Cubes

1.Measure all the spirits accurately and pour into a serving glass.
2.Fill the glass completely with ice cubes.
3.Slowly, pour coke on the ice. If possible, allow coke to trickle on the ice cubes.
4.Stir the prepared drink with a straw. Do not stir vigorously, 2 – 3 rotations are enough.
5.Now, add the twist. Splash the drink with lemon juice and give it a swirl.
6.Pour grape juice into the glass.
7.Do not swirl or stir the drink now. Allow the grape juice to infuse its flavour till the bottom.
8.Garnish the drink with a slice or peel of lemon and enjoy a refreshing drink.

A preferred serving of Long Island Iced Tea is in a mason jar . The tight lid prevents spilling of the drink and holds the straw intact. The handle of the mason jar allows you to hold the jar comfortably and keeps the drink cooler for a longer time. When you hold the jar with a handle, there is no physical contact between your hand and the drink, this prevents the drink to heat up via body heat.
Prepare this summer cooler now at home for a much cheaper price with an excellent taste. Long Island Iced Tea with a Twist is not only good for summer, but it is also an excellent choice to kick start a party.

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