The reason why so many people are having problems keeping the weight off is because they focus only on quick fixes and short-term dieting solutions. Fad diets, crash, diets, weight loss pills and miracle fitness machines are just some of the results of this erroneous mindset to losing excess fat. Instead of treating the problem, these methods only make it worse. It is not uncommon to hear of fad dieters landing in hospitals because of medical complications like ketosis and ulcers. Over-the-counter pills taken indiscriminately without medical supervision have been known to cause palpitations and severe heart conditions that have been fatal to others. Meanwhile, those who were taken in by the false promises of easy weight loss equipment realize only too late that they had spent hundreds of dollars for a worthless piece of crap.

There is no magic instant formula for weight reduction. This statement may seem very cliché but at the rate these quick fix approaches are still getting a lot of mileage and attention, it seems that that there are still many gullible individuals among us. Long-term weight management entails commitment and work. It requires a conscious and determined effort on your part not merely for the aesthetic benefit it brings, but because you owe it to yourself and your family to stay fit and healthy.

For long-term weight management to take place, you need to make changes that are sustainable. This is why fad diets are ineffective-- you can't practice them for very long. When you think about it, who can survive severe calorie restriction? No one can. The solution is simply to choose foods that are healthy, nutritious and balanced. When your meals revolve mostly around fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you won't have to go around half-starved all the time. You can eat as much as you want whenever you want and won't feel deprived. When your hunger is constantly assuaged with non-fattening foods, you are more encouraged to stick with your regimen for life.

Long-term weight management also entails regular exercise. Aside from burning calories, physical activity also serves another function of promoting overall health and preventing disease. When your heart and lungs work harder in a cardiovascular routine, for example, they are strengthened and made more efficient. When you want put more stress on your muscles in resistance training workouts, you make them leaner in the process. Admittedly, an exercise program is often difficult to start. But when you start experiencing better health and improved quality of life because of it, you'd be hard-pressed to stop. This makes it an activity that you'd be able to continue for life.

One final factor so crucial in long-term weight management is stress management. Studies have shown that high levels of chronic stress have been linked to increased eating, usually of comfort foods that contribute to weight gain. Learn to relax and take things one at a time. Don't turn to food for comfort but proactively deal with your problems. Get enough sleep so your body does not produce hormones that stimulate hunger and lead you to eat more. Cultivate social relationships so you can enjoy outings with your friends rather than sit in front of the television and eat potato chips the entire weekend.

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