In this fast era, we need to prioritise things in our daily routine. People really want to deal with their fitness related issues but they do not get time to try their hands on it. Job timings, opening opportunities, rising competition, all this is thoroughly affecting the yearning to begin a relationship with good health. In this everyday professional routine of endless working hours, stress and chaos, I was looking for something that had some easy to do solutions and a whole guidebook about how should I go about pursuing health. The answer was ‘Britannia NutriChoice iHealthU'.
This was the India's first ever health social network that consisted of communities, health magazine and health diaries. The Health magazine involves health and fitness related tips, instructions for balanced diet.It was a whole package that had health related articles that mainly focused on food recipes, exercises, Daily Fitness tips, set of workout regimes, healthy and low fat recipes that consisted of salad recipes, vegetable recipes, soups recipes and everything that basically aimed at easing out health.In the iHealthU workout section, the users were engaged with trying out online yoga, yoga tips, yoga workouts and home exercises. iHealthU also offers amazing Game for health where you can boost up yourself for going another inch to stay fit. It gets better with the game of dropping bad habits and taking up new one for starters. This is a revolution in itself and been digital has just brought all the fitness aspirants together on one common platform of staying healthy. This was what I was looking for as there is no point in criticizing the digital age and how you spend 24 hours on your computer quitting your ‘exercise time'.Well, Britannia NutriChoice has given you an option now! You can stay healthy by been online and accessing to the Britannia IHealthU site. You learn, you motivate yourself and you get going with it. It is a first step for any fitness aspirant and I strongly recommend sorting out health related issues with iHealthU.I realized that ‘Health is Fun' through iHealthU and I couldn't ask for more. I could network with countless people through iHealthU community that shared the same motive of beginning with a healthy lifestyle. I got a precise health plan and a thorough guidance from an online health Nutritionist. It just made me feel comfortable to start afresh with daily Yoga and fitness tips that I could easily implement at home and even at my work place.

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"Rudra Shukla
M.S in Social Health and Counseling
An avid follower of Britannia NutriChoice and Health Magazine of iHealthu
Promoting the effectiveness of healthy and low fat recipes in Australia.
Practicing Health Counseling since ten years at Sydney Counseling Centre, Australia"