Doing business internationally is no longer an issue. Although communication is more advanced than ever before, there is still the need for face to face interaction. Business people have to travel a lot and travel quickly. For big corporations the need for accommodation is huge and with big companies raking up hotels bills worth millions, there is most certainly a need for something more economical. Staying in hotels for extended periods of time can be very expensive. It can also be very uncomfortable.

When you have staff members who have to relocate for extended periods of time, then its much more economical to look into long terms stay hotels and corporate housing. Long term stay hotels are hotels that cater specifically for people (usually business people) who need something a bit more spacious for anything from a week to a year. These hotels are designed to look and feel more like apartments than hotel rooms and they are usually much bigger and the decor is focused on it being more homely than hotel. Business travelers tends to get fed up with hotels and if you have to spend extended periods of time away from home, you really do need a home away from home.

Although these long stay hotels have come a long way towards making it feel less like a hotel, its still a hotel and it can lack the space and comfort some people may want. This is where corporate apartments and corporate housing comes in. These range from city center hotels to country houses and are focused on business travelers who need a home away from home. What makes this different is the obvious comfort factor but like hotels it has a servicing component to take care of the guests. Its usually fully equipped with all the latest entertainment and private suites can range from the lower end of the market to the absolute upper end with apartments that will make even the most important business man feel special.

Although prices range from low to high for both long stay hotels and corporate apartments its the comfort and convenience factor that should determine your decision. The needs of different guest will be different. Usually if your own staff has to relocate for extended periods of time then then they would prefer an apartment. If the travel periods are much shorter like a week or two then a short term stay hotel is probably better.

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