Long Term Relationship Breakup Get Back Together: Long Term Relationship Break Up Will He / She Come Back

When a long-term relationship draws to a close, the event can either be a slow death or a sudden explosion. But, even in the case of a sudden ending, it is likely that many of the issues the two people faced had been brewing under the surface for a long while.

Most breakups are a bit one-sided, meaning that one person seemed to want the breakup more than the other one did. Still, it also takes the efforts of two people to make any relationship work, and this is especially true when it comes to romantic relationships.

A breakup can leave one or both people feeling depressed or anxious, and it leads to feelings of regret. The desire to have all of the good things that each person remembers about the relationship can eclipse many of the negative memories that surely exist somewhere in the back of the mind.

Still, there are times when the regret over a breakup is well-founded. Often, mistakes were made but the fundamentals of the relationship were relatively sound. In those cases, it may make sense to try to recover what you once had together.

If you have recently faced the breakup of a long-term relationship, here are 5 ways to get the love back:

1. Focus on the person they are at their core:

At the root of moving on with your life after the breakup of a long-term relationship is the ability to separate three things so that you can see them for what they are: yourself, the other person, and the issues you faced. Start reflecting deeply upon whom the other person is in their essence, at their core. It is likely that what you will find there is a loving person who is deserving of love and who just wants to be happy.

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2. Recognize the loving part of yourself:

Similarly, look into yourself and find that image of the loving, deserving-of-love person that you are. Below any self-doubt or anger about the relationship that you may hold, you will find that you are at heart a person deserving of love.

3. See the issues you have experienced between you for what they are:

Now that you have momentarily separated out the two people from the situation to see them for what they are, also take a look at the issues you have experienced between the two of you. Whether the issues be an affair, neglect, or just growing apart, recognize that the issues necessarily arose out of the combination of the two of you; the issues came out of your relationship.

4. Find out the intentions of your ex:

If you are serious about wanting to get back together with your ex, start by finding out their true intentions at this point in their lives. No doubt that your ex, like you, is hurting as the two of you deal with the aftermath of the breakup. But, remove the guesswork and either call, visit or write your ex and find out what they are up to.

5. Put together a plan for getting back together:

Now, it is time to hatch a plan to get the two of you back in each others' arms again. You will likely not be able to do it alone. Get the expert advice of a relationship breakup expert who can help you overcome your issues (see #3) and help each of you recognize the loving persons that you are.

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Feeling bad after the breakup is justified but if you are taking things too far and have become a total recluse then you are doing more harm than good. The world might not seem as beautiful but you should know that no one has died and there are ways to get your ex back. Get a hold on your emotions and do the following seven things to get your ex to take you back.

Get a handle on your emotions

Feeling bad and shunning the world will only prove that you are not a strong person emotionally. No one would want to be associated with a sissy like you and your ex is no different. Instead take the breakup as temporary setback and control yourself from sliding down.

Mix with people and colleagues

Try and mix with your friends and colleagues. This will help you put the bitterness the split generated behind you. Begin enjoying your friends company and learn to have fun minus your ex. You will also be able to refine your social skills and will become popular with others.

Begin the changing process

Get to the bottom of the breakup and find out what is it that your ex disapproved in you as a person. Once you know about it then begin the process of self improvement in right earnest. Don't think that you are doing all this for your ex but do it for yourself.

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Enjoy your single status

It has been after quite a while that you are single once again. Learn to relish the freedom that comes with being single. You can have all the fun partying late into the night without a care in the world. Your happiness should show on your face and this will in turn make your ex jealous of you.

Avoid dating anyone else

One thing that you should guard against is dating on the rebound. This will unnecessarily complicate the issue and you will face a tough time patching up with your ex. However, this does not mean that you do not mix with members of the opposite sex. Just be careful that you don't get carried away in your vulnerable moments.

Reach out to your ex

Once some time has passed and you sense that your ex is no longer as hostile towards you as in the beginning reach out to him/her and renew your friendship. Keep in touch and exchange notes on personal and professional developments.

Prove that you deserve a second shot

Build a good rapport with your ex and then start meeting your ex on a regular basis, slowly you realize that he/she is warming up to the idea of a patch up. Prove that you are a changed person and ask for another shot at the relationship. If you are sincere in your approach your ex will gladly give you one.

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It makes sense doesn't it, that if you get yourself back to what you were when you and your ex first met, you will be the very person your ex fell in love with at that time. So, with a little effort from you, as well as a little time, and with a little nature thrown in, you will definitely be making your ex fall for you again.

Just how to go about this? Well, have a good look at yourself, inside and out, and pinpoint those things about you that have changed dramatically in the time that you and your ex were together. Have you changed a lot physically? Then go to the gym and get your body back into shape again. You're on your way to making your ex fall for you again!

Sometimes, when people are in a relationship, they become so used to the fact that their partners love them, that they don't bother looking good most of the time. Is this what has happened to you? If you are lately in the habit of just throwing on any old thing in the mornings, then do something about it. Get some new clothes - those that your ex really liked you to wear when you started dating.

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As for the inner you, do you still say those little things to your ex that he/she used to laugh at but love? Are you still as cheerful as you used to be? You used to also be the life of the party - so much fun to be with all the time - has this changed? Well, do something about all these things - get them back to the way they were.

These are all the qualities that your ex loved about you, so get them back and show your ex that you ARE the same person that he/she first fell in love with.

Now, to ensure that you succeed in making your ex fall for you again, call your ex and talk to him/her in that cheerful voice that your ex knows so well. This alone will make your ex very willing to talk to you again.

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Okay, so you are really hurt and depressed because your ex dumped you and walked out of your life. This is really upsetting, and anyone would feel the way you are at the moment. However, it is pointless trying to get your ex back when you don't know the reasons why your ex dumped you. Something happened to make your ex walk out on you, so take action and find out what it is.

You are probably thinking that this will be impossible to do right now, because your ex is not talking to you. The thing is though you don't even have to make contact with your ex to find out what happened. Talk to your mutual friends - they will be able to tell you everything you want and need to know.

If they tell you that your ex dumped you for someone else, and has been thinking about doing this for a while now, then it is best to count your losses and get on with your own life. You cannot force your ex to feel about you the way you want him/her to.

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However, if your friends tell you about things that your ex is complaining about, things that you do and say that are really annoying, then you have a good chance to fix the problems, and possibly get back together again. Your ex dumped you, so whatever it was that you were doing, was bad enough to make your ex walk out on you.

This is not the time to become angrier with your ex - you were causing problems in the relationship, so you need to fix them if you want to get your ex back. Put your pride in your pocket and listen carefully to what your friends are telling you, then do something about it.

Tell your friends that you intend fixing the problems you have caused because you want to get your ex back. Say that you realize that your ex dumped you because of the things that you did, and you are going to do something about it right away. Your friends will tell your ex about your intentions. This could make your ex think differently about breaking up with you, and he/she might be willing to talk about getting back together again.

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