Whether you improved your day or changed your whole life, at one point, you found the resolve to get something done in spite of any obstacles that got in your way. The funny thing is that you’re never really going to be done taking on challenges and trying to achieve. Of course, sometimes the challenge is going to greatly test your will, but it cannot be outweighed by the feeling of achievement, whether the achievement is big or small.

What to do Next

Hopefully, the fact that you’re going to continue to face challenge after challenge in life excites you. You’ll always have an opportunity to rise to the occasion. There’s inevitably going to be times where you feel like there’s no answer to your problems, but this is where you have to go back and think about how you got past obstacles to get what you wanted,"

Obstacles Change, You Don’t

Some obstacles are going to require much more thought process and effort in order to accomplish, such as becoming a flight attendant. If you’ve ever confided in someone about a problem, they may have reminded you of a time where you carried on in the face of a challenge and won. While the obstacle you’re facing now may be different, the resolve you bring to the challenge can be exactly the same.

Regardless of the obstacle, overcoming a problem and achieving your goals is all about putting in the effort to make things happen for yourself. You’ll have to do this time and time again. Sometimes it’s going to require a lot more work, but the overall approach can be the same. With the proper amount of determination, you can achieve anything imaginable.

Look back at a time where you found a way to succeed, and approach your current goal or your next goal with a curious mentality and the desire to achieve.

How to Track Your Progress

A crucial difference between a passive attempt and unquestionable focus at a goal is the effort you put forth every day. In order to vastly increase your chance at success, you have to intently study and track the progress of your goals to make sure what you’re doing right, and what you need to do to improve. Of course, some goals contain more metrics than others. It’s a lot easier to track weight loss than to clearly define your overall happiness, but there’s always a way to measure your effectiveness. Here are few reasons why you should track your goals.

Plan Each Step Better

This is the same reason we encourage you to break down your goals into tasks. Tracking your progress gives you a better idea of the strides you make throughout every step. The extra focus that comes from more in-depth planning helps your goal become more manageable.

Facilitate positive thinking

When you break down your tasks and make strides towards your goal, you allow yourself to acknowledge the process along the way. People get hung up on the desire for instant gratification far too often. When they embark on their goal, they expect drastic results from minimal effort. When they don’t see these results, it makes them give up entirely.

Staying positive throughout the path to achievement is all about the affirmation that nothing happens overnight, but that the progress will show if we put in the effort. Tracking and acknowledging this progress is how we end up achieving our initial goals and move on to bigger and better goals after that.

Find out what’s working

A focused effort on your progress will help you be able to confidently identify the things you do that are both conducive and problematic to your success. If you give a considerable amount of detail each day into your Goals.com journal, you’ll be able to look back at your entries to see what you’re doing differently to yield your results. When you track your progress, the solution is always within reach.

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