We wanted to share what our 2019 Inspire Atlanta class has been up to since orientation in March. They are an amazing group of 40 women, and we’re proud of their collective effort to lift up women and girls in our community. Here are a few highlights:

Poverty Simulation

The first programmatic event after orientation was a poverty simulation held at the Atlanta Girls’ School in March. The objective of the simulation is to help participants understand the multiple barriers that low-income women and girls in metro Atlanta face every day and how that can limit their opportunities for success. Participants are divided into different types of families in the center of the room while volunteers are situated around the perimeter, representing community resources and services like a bank or hospital. In this photo, Inspire Atlanta participants are school-aged children while volunteers served as their teachers.

Fundraising Training

At the fundraising training, participants learned tools and techniques on how to raise money and to overcome fundraising fears. Fundraising is an important skill when serving on a nonprofit board of directors as a community leader, and this workshop helps to take the fear out of fundraising!

Grantee Tours

Grantee tours give participants a glimpse into AWF’s grantees and their fundraising put into action through the various AWF supported programs. Participants toured one of the following AWF grantees – Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Jewish Family & Career Services, Latin American Association, Our House, or YearUp Greater Atlanta. All five nonprofit organizations are members of our Women’s Pathway to Success Program.

In addition to attending a poverty simulation, a fundraising training, grantee tours, a volunteer project, and professional development sessions, participants are also raising money for AWF through individual fundraising campaigns with a goal of raising $10,000!

For More Information Please Visit- https://atlantawomen.org/look-inside-inspire-atlanta/

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