It is a well-known phenomenon that as we age, our skin becomes loose, we gain more weight, and essentially become less attractive than our prime days. Some factors of aging are controlled by lifestyles, like exercise and diet, but others are controlled by our genes. However, even though we might have less energy than our days of youth, there are still ways to age gracefully and even reverse the aging process.

To know exactly how to do this, you will need to know why we gain weight in the first place. Basically, post-40 weight gain is a real phenomenon that happens to everyone worldwide. It may either be because of increased eating due to stress, the toll substance abuse like alcohol takes on the body, or the slowing down of metabolism. The less energy we spend, the more weight we are going to gain.

Genetics and the natural course of time plays a significant role in this phenomenon. After menopause, the reduction of hormones causes fat to be deposited around the abdominal region. This, paired with decreased metabolism due to sedentary lifestyle naturally leads to weight gain and ungraceful aging.

Can the effects of aging be reversed or reduced?

Though some effects cannot be changed, there is a lot we can do to decrease the rate of aging. The way we eat or the activities we do all play a role in this. Here are some handy ways to reduce or reverse the effects of aging.

  1. Taking supplements is the key

Vitamins and nutrients are beyond important when it comes to health. We might take it for granted that we are getting all the nutrients we need, but sometimes, our diet might not be able to compensate for a certain quota of nutrients. Making sure that you are getting proportionally enough vitamins and minerals in your body is important to keep the skin cells regenerating and extend life span as well.

Taking supplements, in the absence of a wholesome diet, is not a bad idea. It helps in keeping your body refreshed and your mind sharp. What helps in these supplements are the anti-oxidants in them. There are certain essential vitamins that actually help the anti-aging process. These vitamins include vitamin C and E, Glucosamine and Coenzyme Q10. Matcha tea is also a rich source of antioxidants and acts as an anti-aging agent, like collagen.

  1. Consume foods that offer anti-oxidants and anti-aging effects

If you do not want to use supplements, here are a bunch of different foods you can incorporate into your diet that offer anti-aging effects.

Food that have omega-3 fats like fish, leafy green vegetables have high amounts of phytonutrients, and berries like blueberries and raspberries have antioxidants called anthocyanin. You can consume healing herbs like turmeric, ginger, and basil. Mushrooms, especially “Shitake mushrooms” are also one of the leading foods rich in nutrition. If you are planning on following a diet, then you should definitely include these superfoods.

Along with food you should consume, there are also those that you should avoid at all costs, like GMO and processed foods, wheat products, refined sugar, artificial ingredients, and trans-fats. They are made to seem as though they are edible with a delicious flavor but they are actually bad for your body.

  1. Get as much sleep as your body requires

This point speaks for itself because it cannot be emphasized how important sleep is for the body to rejuvenate and heal. A well-rested body is a healthy body, especially because it combats anxiety and stress. It promotes higher energy levels and a healthy immune system.

7 to 9 hours of sleep is absolutely essential. Cells rejuvenate twice as fast if a person receives a long night’s rest, as opposed to staying up late and not getting any sleep.

  1. Keep your mind active

Doing activities like playing an instrument, playing chess, solving sudoku and crosswords, or even so much as reading a book early on in life can help your brain be active even later in life.

However, there are many more ways to achieve this. Stress-relieving or mind-focusing activities like meditation are things that have proven to strengthen and lengthen telomeres, which are the stretches of DNA at the end of the chromosomes that help protect a human’s genes. Telomeres are what keeps the chromosomes from clumping or fraying.

Activities, like repeating affirmations, creative visualization, or using something called the Emotional Freedom Technique, are also things that promote a positive state of mind. And a positive state of mind is something that slows down the aging process by miles. It is amazing what inner peace or even simple meditation every day can achieve.

  1. Consider Surgery like Facetite

Of course, aging gracefully without external aid is the ideal way to go, but sometimes it is okay to use things like cosmetic surgery to make yourself feel good.

There are several cosmetics procedures, like Facetite that can help bring back a youthful appeal. These anti-aging surgical procedures might sound scary in the first go, but with the advances in technology, it has actually come to the point where there is practically no risk at all. A lot of procedures are minimally invasive, and all you need to do is find a trustworthy and credible clinic to get you cleaned up in whatever way you want.


No matter what, you should not feel bad about your appearance as you age. Everyone changes. However, you need to keep tabs on your health so that you can age gracefully. And if you truly feel like doing something about your appearance as you age, you can always choose viable options plastic surgery to feel the difference.

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Elianna Hyde has been a freelance writer since 2009. She has attended the University of California and graduated with masters in mass communication. She loves watching TV shows, movies and has a keen interest in sharing her views on business trends and people’s lifestyle.