Fooding is most intrinsic to life and health and therefore also determines the most fundamental equation of living world. Nature has offered finest of landscapes and climates to grow and feed our necessities, and the cultural evolution in different parts of the world has been in consonance with the regional spreads of food resource as also the climate there. All such processes, whether adopted or bestowed, have contributed towards the well being of human races so that humanity could flourish and make progress.


However, in spite of all such arrangements, we have lagged behind in terms of optimum health and the disease loads are increasing. New generations suffer from reduced immunity and allied conditions of entire diversity. Interestingly, most of us know the reasons and blame our life patterns, particularly the manner in which we are cultivating our foods! Heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides has led to the generic contamination of the raw food product that we consume. These chemicals are now affecting our health and immune system. The last decade has seen the demand for natural health products growing rapidly! This also includes the increased use of Ayurvedic health supplements so as to cover up the deficiencies that have become part of life. Kairali ayurvedic group of India offers a wide range of health supplements in the form of Chawanprash, rasayans, bhasms and others that promise resurrections in bad health profiles in individuals.


General health products from Ayurveda


The general understanding and consciousness of health are expanding fast since the last few decades; courtesy to the education and allied curriculums that lay emphasis on the basal concepts like health, hygiene, nutrition, immunity and such others. The generations are at least learning about these parameters of life and health. But unfortunately, we are lagging behind in the adoption of best and healthy practices. Sometimes the transition seems to be impractical because the constraints have become very strong. Talk of the agriculture! Can we afford to go organic all at once? This may not be possible because our agro practices have become too much dependent on the chemical fertilizers and the use of pesticides cannot be ruled out if farmers have to save their raised crops in fields.


All this points to the inability to make the transition to the best practices like organic agriculture. In view of such gaps in moving to better processes and lifestyles what appears feasible is to add additional supplements in our food. Fortification of cereals and iodized salt could be called as the best examples! However, these limited practices cannot be the substitutes for what we consume in our food spectrums today! The biasing still remains. The general health products like those offered under the segment of traditional medicine systems (Indian Ayurveda) promise better hope to the generation of age and those of future.


Herbal Ayurvedic remedies for day to day problems


The general health products in Ayurveda also include those which are developed to offer relief in common illness and conditions like headache, cold and fevers. Most of us suffer from these and as stated above, the reduced immunity in modern generations make children and young more susceptible towards these conditions. Ayurveda offered medicines for these day to day illnesses and more significantly, these medicines are derived from some essential ingredients of nature rather than chemicals. The herbal cough and cold remedies make use of spices, herbs, and rasayans that boost the immunity from within. The overall advantage thus gets doubled because, in addition to the treatment of the condition, there is no side effect for the users who become more resilient against the diseases and germs.


Offering authentic Ayurveda with convenience!


While most of such remedies could be made in the home through common foods, spices, and condiments, generally we all shy from doing so. We prefer to take pills rather! The last few years saw the offering of general health and wellness products by noted Ayurvedic brands like Kairali! They offer herbal remedies for fever and colds in such forms which can be used in a convenient manner. This has eliminated the hassles for every common person, thus increasing the use of such products. Their headache remedies include the balms and fast relief ointments that act externally when applied on the forehead. Some herbs based oils are also offered that promise to cure headache problems of the root. Look out for their products at:

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Kairali ayurvedic products is a leading name in the ayurvedic healthcare industry. Kairali offers a range of ayurvedic, herbal healthcare products and ayurvedic cosmetic products made from 100% natural and selective herbs, which are used as a cure for different diseases and general health issues.