Everyone is always looking for new ways to look younger. When we are kids and teenagers, we can’t wait to become one year younger. We celebrate our birthdays with jubilant glee and can’t wait until the next year when we add another year to our belt.

However, when we become adults aging becomes less fun. We begin to dread aging because becoming one year older means that we will gain more wrinkles on our faces, our bodies will slow down, and it will become harder and harder to lose weight and our faces as well as our bodies will begin to sag. However, we are giving you the secrets of an anti-aging best skin care routine that will reverse aging and look a year younger. After reading this article, you will be adding “look younger” to your list of resolutions for this year.

1. Cut back on alcohol and don’t smoke
Alcohol as well as cigarette smoke are no good for the skin on the face and on the rest of your body. If you want to retain the health of your skin, you should cut back on alcohol especially if you are drinking alcohol daily. Alcohol can speed up the aging process drastically and it can also cause rosacea. Smoking is also very bad for the skin. It can cause wrinkles to deepen, cause the skin to take on a dull appearance, and dry the skin out. The many toxic chemicals that companies fill cigarettes with can be extremely harsh on the skin and can you look years and decades older than you actually are over time. If you want to look younger, this year kick your smoking habit and try to drink only on special occasions.

2. Moisturize well
The skin needs moisture, especially aging skin. Something that you absolutely must do to prevent more wrinkles from forming on your skin is to moisturize twice a day and to do it thoroughly. You should be using a moisturizer after each time that you cleanse the skin. However, you need to be doing more than just using a moisturizer on the surface of your face. You should also be using an eye cream that will help prevent and lessen the appearance of fine lines around the eyes as this is one of the most prevalent signs of aging.

3. Focus on building muscle
Losing weight isn’t the only thing that you should be focused on if you want to look younger. You also need to ensure that you retain muscle mass. This will help minimize the sagging of the skin on your body, which can give away your age. You can try weightlifting, power yoga, and pilates.

4. Drink plenty of water
Drinking water is good for the skin on your face, your physical fitness, and you inner health. It is an all around miracle product and should not be taken for granted. You should be drinking around six to eight glasses of water per day. It will give you a brighter complexion, help you lose weight, detox the body, and give you the ability to produce healthy skin cells that can replace damaged cells.

5. Use a serum
This year you need to add an serum to your anti-aging routine. This will help your skin regenerate and can reduce a number of wrinkles in your skin when you choose a serum that has anti-aging properties. As we age our bodies begin to lose the ability to repair themselves and that includes our skin. You should choose a serum that is packed with the best ingredients and this may mean that you have to shell out some cash on your serum. But it’s worth it when you start to see the difference in the vitality and radiance of your skin.

6. Exfoliate
Exfoliating your skin at least twice a week is very important when you want to look younger than you are. When you exfoliate the skin you are removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, revealing brighter skin, and you are also promoting cell turnover. You should stay away from exfoliators that have extremely coarse materials in the formula that can cause rips and tears in the skin. You do not want to damage the skin. However, some exfoliators that companies produce can be very damaging to the skin when used on a regular basis. Instead, go for a polish that is made fine exfoliating materials.

In Conclusion
Achieving younger looking skin is possible and you can do it this year! Follow our simple steps that show you how to care better for your skin and body and watch as the results begin to appear. It may take a bit of extra time but it is definitely worth it!




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