The kitchen for many homes is not just a place where food is prepared, it is also a place where you can enjoy the pleasures of the best materials, attractive cabinets and countertops and modern appliances and so on. It is a place where people spend a lot of time so it makes sense to want it to look great. One option people are drawn to is marble countertops Wall NJ or where you are. But marble does need some looking after and having a stained marble countertop can be an expensive mistake. Here are some tips on looking after your marble countertops and what might work if they need some repairing.

Marble is a natural stone and makes a great flooring material, backsplash option, and tile options, as well as a countertop option. It is very attractive but if not properly looked after and cleaned it is porous so stains and it does scratch more easily than something like granite. There are a lot of varieties of marble and a lot of appearances and colors you can enjoy.

Things you can do for scratches

  • Seal the surface - Marble is a lot easier to scratch so regular sealing is an essential part of looking after it. You can also use certain sealers to fill in scratches should they happen on a marble slabs Brick Township NJ.
  • Use gentle soap - When you are cleaning your marble countertop only use mild soap as other types are abrasive and cause damage. Also, use a soft cloth nothing for scrubbing and move in circular motions without using excessive pressure.
  • Use fine-grained sandpaper - When there are actual scratches on the marble you can try using fine-grained sandpaper to gently work them out. Keep in mind it will need sealing again after and avoid using any other sandpaper as that will cause more damage.

Things you can do for stains

  • Use a corn starch poultice for grease - When you have grease or oil staining on the marble you can try using corn starch to help. First, remove any of the excess grease from the surface with an absorbent and soft paper towel. Then apply a corn starch poultice to the marble countertops Wall NJ.
  • Use baking soda for acidic stains - Any stains that are caused by something acidic like juices, or tomato sauce and such are best ‘treated’ with baking soda. Again blot away gently any of the juice or whatever is staining the marble and then leave the baking soda poultice for a day and then wash gently away.
  • Use hydrogen for organic stains - Any organic stains are best removed with hydrogen peroxide, as with the baking soda apply and leave for a day then wipe away. Some stains need some repeat treatment but keep in mind hydrogen peroxide does lighten marble surfaces.


Marble slabs Brick Township NJ can be a valuable addition to any home. The above methods all work to some degree of success but if something deeper or more persistent happens you might need to talk to your countertop professionals.

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