Some people take a great deal of pride in the appearance of their home from the outside. It is understandable. People will judge you by such things even if it is not quite accurate. A part of the attractive look of the outside of your home is your lawn. Your visitors, friends and family, potentially work colleagues, your boss, as well as others including buyers if you are trying to sell will judge not just the house but the lawn too. If you want to leave the best impression you might consider professional lawn renovation, Hampshire based services to help achieve that.

Repair or renovation

Grass is a pretty resilient plant and often a lawn can recover from something as long as it is not a long period of disease or pest problem. But they can do a lot better when they get some care. A lawn that is properly fertilized, mowed and irrigated does better than one that is not, and it can recover from things better. Depending on the issue is what will guide you or a lawn service to choose between a repair approach or renovation.

Repairs - When you have smaller parts of the lawn that are damaged or not looking as good they need repair. Usually, this means less than 25% of the lawn is affected. It could include things like seeding or overseeding. Timing for repair work is important, it is best not to do it when it is too hot or too cold!

Renovation - When your lawn is more than 25% affected or seeding is not going to help because of issues like pests, weeds or poor topsoil, then you will want to carry out lawn renovation work. This process is time-consuming and often physically hard work so continue talking to an expert in lawn care Hampshire and have them handle things for you. Examples of renovation work include power raking, core aeration, dethatching, top dressing, overseeding, slitseeding and installing new sod.

Make it healthier as well as looking good

As well as having a healthier lawn and increasing the attractive nature of it, this can help increase the value of your house too. An investment into bringing your lawn back to great condition could pay off later on. You can have the lawn free of weeds, disease, pests and so on. Once you have in top condition you can decide whether to keep the lawn esports to look after and maintain it, or whether you can manage that yourself. Lawn care Hampshire and elsewhere is hard work at times so it depends on your physical health, the time you have and how good you are in your garden!


Over time the soil on your lawn can become compacted from lots of people using it and sometimes even the odd car on it. This means it needs aerating now and then to let the soil get more air, nutrients and water. Jobs like aeration, dethatching and the like are not something you have to do every week but when they come round they are hard work. Your lawn needs more than a mow when it gets too long and a spray of water when you remember. Use lawn renovation Hampshire services if that is too much for you if you want a healthy and attractive lawn.

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