All homes as they age and things start to run down will have plumbing problems that need a plumber Point Pleasant or local to them. Dripping faucets that won't stop, pipes that bang at night and keep you awake, a toilet that keeps running. Sometimes it is something you can deal with at first but when there is a more serious cause to it, then you need a professional. So if you are ready to move homes and are looking around at new homes, here are some things to look out for when it comes to the plumbing.

Noisy pipes

Having overly noisy pipes in a home is quite a common problem. Sometimes it starts as soft tapping and then develops into something louder that can become more like a hammering noise. Several things can cause loud pipes, water getting inside air chambers, pipes being loose, water pressure being too high to name a few. Some you might be able to deal with, but some might need a professional to look at. Run some water when looking around and have a listen.

Taps dripping

Bathrooms and kitchens tend to have different types of faucets and so they can both run into different problems, but dripping is something common to both. The washers in compression faucets can become word down, sometimes the threads get worn down enough that water can leak through. Change the washer, which is easy to do with a screwdriver and some pliers. The one handle types that use disc and ball tend to be hardier but can still leak. That would need completely replacing though which would need a plumber Brick. Spend some time in the kitchen and bathroom of the new home you are exploring to see if anything is leaking.

Showerheads that are leaking

Another commonplace part that leaks are the showerheads. In the showerhead is a washer that might need replacing. Sometimes mineral build-up can occur and that might impact on the pressure of the water coming through. Check the showerhead as you check the faucets, turn on the shower to look at the pressure. Sometimes it is easily solved with some petroleum jelly after a good cleaning. Or it might need the expertise of a plumber Point Pleasant.

Blocked pipes

Blocked pipes can lead to water backing up into a toilet or sink. It happens commonly under sinks where the pipe bends like an elbow. Dirt and debris sit there and over time that can lead to causing a blockage. Plungers might help, products can be poured down, but eventually, a plumber might have to come in.

Rundown toilets

Toilets get blocked and usually, a plunger fixes it. Give the toilets in the home a flush as you walk around to see how they do.


There are times when small plumbing issues do not have to cost a lot to fix. But sometimes a lot of small issues can indicate something more serious is happening and that is when you would need someone licensed, qualified and experienced like a plumber Brick based or near you, to look into it.


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