There are several reasons which require an organisation to top up its IT resources. Some of the most common reasons are seasonal trends and projects. It is universally known that companies who can afford to, have additional resources who can be used whenever the need arises. However, this is not the most efficient or cost effective model.

A common challenge that many companies face is dealing with difficult and often unforeseen requirements. In such a situation, partnering with a company that has innovative and flexible solutions to help you would be the best option. Solutions such as Flexible Resourcing Architecture (FRA) and Co-sourcing can help organisations efficiently manage their IT support whilst saving costs.

Flexible Resourcing Architecture (FRA)

Flexible Resourcing Architecture (FRA) provides specialist skills when unavailable within the client’s team; e.g. holiday and sickness cover for the client’s own team, or resources for IT projects or major roll-outs across many countries. In addition to the onsite teams, a flexible resource solution can be effectively utilised for the provision of services to smaller regional or European offices that do not require support of a consistent nature.

Many of our European clients have benefited by using our FRA model. This enables our clients to draw on Allied’s team of Support Professionals, to provide supplementary skills or additional resource for daily support, or project requirements. The FRA credits can be purchased in bundles of man days, which can be topped up during the year, just in the same way as you would expect from a “pay as you go” mobile phone contract. This then affords you the resources you require, when unavailable within your existing team.

You will see that Allied Worldwide's IT Resourcing solutions helped their client to efficiently manage technical resource requirements at their locations across Europe, resulting in a reduction in their overall expenditure by approximately £250,000 per annum. You can read more about how a leading manufacturing firm reduced overall costs using flexible resources.

IT Co-sourcing

Allied Worldwide is the original pioneer in global IT co-sourcing solutions serving businesses of all sizes across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Allied's IT Co-sourcing is a hybrid model integrating both in-house and outsourcing services. With this model, organisations eliminate overhead, optimise internal resources, and can quickly move products or services from development to production. It is a partnership and collaborative approach with shared objectives, shared risks and shared rewards between both parties. This model helps in rationalizing headcount, whilst focusing on cost efficiencies within the organizations existing ways of working.

We provide specialised co-sourcing services that enhance existing IT operations. No two companies are the same, so we work on a bespoke solution that complements and underpins existing operations, whilst implementing efficiencies that remove unnecessary “bench” costs, ensuring that the right skill levels are in place for the function required. This is then topped up by flexible resourcing, to allow for the peaks and troughs of employee availability that all businesses experience throughout the year.

In addition, Allied Worldwide’s people are not contractors, neither would they belong to you as permanent direct employees. Instead, they belong to Allied and work in your office. They are a part of the workforce team without the liability, armed with a heavy knowledge on your specific needs.

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Allied Worldwide offers IT Outsourcing and IT Managed Services to small and medium-sized businesses through flexible engagement models. Allied specialises in high quality, cost effective IT support services and is the preferred partner of choice for many companies.