Looking Cool: How to Choose Glasses to Suit Your Face Shape

When you chose prescription glasses, you're in for the long haul. Here's how to choose glasses to complement your style and your face shape.

Did you know that there are about 75% of adults who use some form of vision correction? In fact, about 64% of those people wear eyeglasses.
Compared to contact lenses, eyeglasses are easier to maintain and wear. However, the problem lies in finding the right one that suits your looks and style.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s a guide on how to choose glasses that suits your face shape:

1. Know Your Face Shape

So you paid a visit to the eye-care specialist about your eyes or you may have taken a quick peek at the sunglasses store and found something you like. Hold your horses and don’t buy a pair yet.

Before you pick up a pair of glasses, look in the mirror and find out about the types of face shapes.
Here are some of the common face shapes that each person might have:

• Round
• Oval
• Heart
• Rectangular
• Square
• Diamond
• Pear

Take the time to look at the shape that your face has. You can give this measurement method a look to find out.

2. How to Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape

The general advice for this is to take the most flattering frame that blends well and accents your features in a good way. Here are some recommendations for your selection of eyeglasses and RX Sunglasses.

For Round Faces

Round faces have a wide hairline and a broad forehead. This also comes with full cheeks and a more rounded jawline.

Go for rectangular and square frames for a more defined look. Aviator-style frames fit well. As for the frame color, pick dark colors to visually lengthen your face and draw attention from your jawline.

For Oval Faces

Oval faces have a degree of versatility due to their proportionate features. They also have a narrower chin compared to the forehead. With this versatility, they can virtually wear any kind of frame.

You will need glasses that do not interfere with that harmony. Try going for wayfarer-style glasses for angular features. Also, go for frames that are as wide as your face or a bit wider, while the upper part lines up with your eyebrows.

For Heart-Shaped Faces

Characterized with wider foreheads and jawlines with pointed chins, your aim in choosing is to balance the features out. For this, go for light and thin frames with rounded edges.

Round frames work well in making sharper edges appear softer. Rectangular frames add balance to the look. Aviator-style glasses would work well with this shape.

For Rectangular Faces

Rectangular faces have about the same features as oval faces but with a more angular jawline. If you have this shape, aim for frames that would help offset the sharp angles. For instance, go with thin or translucent frames with rounded or oval edges.

For Square Faces

Square faces have an angular jawline and a broad forehead. For this, you need frames that soften the sharp angles and edges.

For women, go for browline or cat-eye style frames to complement the face shape while adding softness. Meanwhile, men should try oval glasses to add balance and structure.

For Pear-Shaped Faces

Pear-shaped faces have a broader jawline and chin, while they have a narrow forehead and less prominent cheekbones. The type of frames you should go for are the ones that bring balance to the narrow portion.
Go for the oval and browline frames.

Pick the Frame that Matches Your Face!

Once you have picked the right set of eyeglasses, you can now see clearly while looking wonderful in them. They will no longer seem awkward and out of place. When you are wondering how to choose glasses for yourself or for someone else, remember these recommendations.
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Some people wear glasses due to some eye side problems but most of you use glasses for fashion.

The best glasses are those which best fit and suit on your face, Hope this article will help.