If you are relatively new at building your business, you may wonder, “What do I say to a prospect who asks me how many clients I have?” Let me share with you what I used to say when I was just building my business.

Here’s how I would answer this seemingly touchy question, “I have five clients (or whatever the number is) and the reason you want to work with me is I’m not on a pedestal. I’m still building my business. I’m in the trenches with you. Everything I’ve tried that is working, I’m immediately showing you exactly how to do it.”

This let’s your potential clients know you are consistently trying new ideas and improving existing methods because you are in the trenches with them. You are building your business too, but a few steps ahead. That’s how they benefit from working with you.

In addition, when you share your compelling story, you let prospects know you are not just building your business and helping them from books. You are not simply regurgitating what you’ve learned from books, but sharing real life, current experience. I have found people want that “relatability”. They want to know you’re not going to judge them. They want to know you understand what they are going through because you are currently going through it, building your business too.

Here is an important distinction. People say to me that I have “walked my talk”. But I say, “No, that’s not what I’ve done. What I do is I talk my walk – I walk it first. Then I talk about it.” I share every single step of what I did myself, whatever worked in my life with my clients. It’s the proprietary system combined with my compelling story that helps you build your business.

To be in the trenches with your clients, you’ve got to come from your heart which is a place of service. Remember what it was like or is still like for you and go from there.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

If you are just starting out, do you worry about your credibility? Don’t worry. If you use this model of getting in the trenches with your clients, you have the credibility that comes from working on your business. Admitting you are there too, but a few steps ahead can be inspiring and reassuring.

Write your compelling story and develop your proprietary system so you can take them through the process you are going through while building your business. Then when talking to prospects, you let them know you are right beside them in the trenches, sharing everything that works.

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