As soon as the wedding season approaches, people are looking to upgrade their bedroom decor with a luxurious piece of furniture such as the Modular Wardrobes. It has gained popularity due to added convenience and utility, people with modern home decor are opting for it. Everyone dream of beautiful decor, but not everyone can buy it, So, why not renovate it with contemporary designs of modular wardrobes.

There are many designs and varieties available at WoodenStreet online for bedroom wardrobe designs. If one wants to customize, it is possible at WoodenStreet according to the space requirement. Celebrities customize their wardrobe in full room size, as they have a lot of clothes to wear in different events. Not only clothes, but they also have to store their 100 pair of shoes, bags and much more in it. Now, this must be a very cost-effective expense, that everyone cannot bear. At WoodenStreet, you will have customization, as well as stylish pieces, which are available at an affordable price.

One advantage we have with purchasing a modular wardrobe is it can be dismantled and then assembled anytime and anywhere. There are some factors responsible, that one should consider before buying a modular wardrobe design.

Buy from various range of modular wardrobes at WoodenStreet:

  • 1. Varied Storage Modular wardrobe:
    A cupboard design is a useful piece of furniture and is making its way to urban living rooms. But, what if you have more space for storage than usual. You will have more functions and usability and other striking features. It can be personalized according to an individual choice that fits your budget and space. It consists of hanging space for clothes, a drawer below it to keep jewelry in the organizers, below that a large drawer that can be used to keep shoes and bags.
  • 2. Dressing area Modular wardrobe:
    Such designs are for smaller bedrooms, a slider wardrobe with a dressing table is the best option. A platform is inserted in a clove of the slider so that one can easily sit and dress. This can also be done, to make it a study table instead of the dressing table. Another option would be a mirror-door wardrobe attached with a modular wardrobes, such designs never disturb the flow of the wardrobe.
  • 3. Frosty doors Modular wardrobe:
    One of the contemporary designs for modern home decor, that is making its way to urban living spaces. These are not regular wardrobes but are based on a new concept such as the Alcott 4 Door Wardrobe with Mirror that will cost you Rs. 30,749. Visit WoodenStreet website online for latest wardrobe designs.

Benefits of Modular wardrobe:

  1. Space Efficient:
    It saves space because it is customized with your choices.
  2. Save money and time:
    You have separate drawers and shelves for different kinds of stuff, so you don’t have to waste time in finding stuff whenever it goes missing. The money is saved due to no other piece of furniture is required to keep other stuff, one can keep things smartly in that shelf only.

A wardrobe plays an important role in bedroom decor, from old homes to modern homes opting for a modular wardrobes. The right piece of furniture decides the vibe of your room. It would be more convenient if one opts for a more spacious piece than one that occupies more space, that will be a mistake in any decor. At WoodenStreet, we have a team that helps you to choose, what best fits your space.

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