If you are venturing out of your home for the first time and looking for some cool housing options, read this article to understand the questions you should be asking before you settle for a housing option. Student housing options these days are much more varied than they were 20 years ago. Thanks to the housing boom and falling mortgage rates, more and more homeowners are venturing into student accommodation business.

1. Proximity

Your flat or condominium should be close to the city centre or conveniently placed at a point that stocks most of your needs. However, if you are looking for a place near the city centre, be aware that your place might cost more. The rule of the thumb is that properties get dearer as they get nearer to the centre of the city. So, a flat close to the heart of Sydney or Melbourne might put you back by several thousand AUDs.

2. Mass Transport

Another factor you must consider before buying your housing is how close is it to any mass transport station. When you pick up a flat near an MRT station, you are likely to pay more, but there is an advantage as well. Your travel time is greatly reduced and you arrive in your class as fresh as a lily. Obviously, you have more time for studies and leisure.

3. Home loan rates

In case you have decided to buy a property for yourself, you may be interested in loan services. You would be, in all probability, buying your property on loan. Initially, you’d be required to pay a small amount upfront but the remainder will have to be financed by a loan. Find out about the various loan rates available in the market.

Sometimes, banks offer loans to students at attractive rates, which the latter can pay off after getting a decent job. Loans are of two kinds-floating and fixed. In the former, your interest rate varies according to market dynamics, while you pay a fixed amount in a fixed rate regime. Also, find out whether your loan amount is calculated on the original sum or on a reducing balance basis.

4. Neighbourhood

You should go for accommodation in a warm and friendly locality. Do your research about your neighbourhood, and never settle for a house in an unsafe area. You could ask around or even reach out to the local police office to get a better insight on the locality’s social settings.

5. Design

Your house needs to be in line with your personality. Choose something that vibes with you. You should have ample space for work and play, for yourself as well as for your guests. There are various apartment providers like Iglu Student Accommodation that could help you in the selection process.

6. Internet

Does your condo have a good internet connection? Is it stable? How much does a typical plan cost? Is it expensive or does it sound economical? A stable internet connection is a necessity akin to food and water these days. Always enquire about the facility, and sample it during your visit to the property.

7. Utility

How much can you expect to pay for your electricity and water consumption? Can you afford it? Who takes care of the common area? While accommodation may offer a lot of perks, it is always recommended you enquire about the terms and conditions attached to it.

8. Community

If you buy a property, you become a part of the community. It is crucial that you make an effort towards understanding the community members. This would not help you feel at home but also come at your rescue during problematic situations.

9. Facilities

Does your apartment have laundry facilities? How will you clean your clothes? What are the charges like? Are there any food places in your vicinity? Could you hire a reasonably priced maid? What are the maintenance charges? You should ask all these questions and more to ensure there are no shockers waiting!

10. Bicycle storage

Many students in Australia prefer taking their cycles to their colleges. If you have a bike, you would like to know about bike storage.
To sum it up, you need to look at several factors before getting your apartment in Brisbane, Sydney or any other big Australian city. Safety, affordability, and community-related factors are important pointers here. Also, you should look out for the various financing options available.

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