If you were to hear a friend or family member talk about lawnmower racing as being a real life motor sport, what would be your reaction? To laugh or roll your eyes? Tell them to pull the other one? Believe it or not, lawnmower racing is actually a real sport – and it is gaining in popularity both amongst racers and spectators. Think you may have found your newest hobby? Read on for more information:

Lawnmower racing traces its roots all the way back to 1973 in Wisborough Green, West Sussex, England. The people of the town had begun looking for a less expensive alternative to the traditional motor. They were also searching for a motor sport that everybody could participate in – not just men and not just those who could afford a flashy racing car. Hence, lawnmower racing came to fruition.

Since this time in West Sussex, England, lawnmower racing has gained dedicated followers in many of the first world countries of the world, including Great Britain, the United States, Canada and even Australia. The phenomenon was first brought to Australia when 5 men decided that they would entertain themselves by racing their lawnmowers up a hill, around a well-placed tree, and back down the hill to the finish line. Around 50 people from the town who had heard of the crazy idea turned out to watch and were witness to Australia’s first ever lawnmower race.

If the thought of racing your lawnmower still excites you, you may be itching to get out into the backyard and turn the family lawnmower into a racing machine. Luckily for you, this is a fairly easy and cost-effective process, just be prepared to make some of your own parts (as modified lawnmower parts aren’t available everywhere). There are plenty of things you can do to your lawnmower to get it ready for racing; you just have to remember that these machines weren’t actually made for this pastime, so you will need to reinforce or remove parts in order to make it safe.

As with any motor sport, lawnmower racing poses some serious hazards for the person driving. It is for this reason that you will be required to wear protective gear during all races, including: a helmet, chest and shoulder pads, knee and elbow pads, boots and gloves.

The next time you hear someone mention lawnmower racing as a potential hobby that you might like to get involved in, don’t write the idea off as a bad joke – lawnmower racing really does exist, and one that brings plenty of enjoyment to those who participate in and watch it.

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