What comes to your mind when you think of a 'Startup?'

The relentless struggle, the fear of failure or the road less traveled to success?

That's true! Launching a startup is equal to getting your hands in the mud for an undiminished struggle but your efforts are rewarded when the venture starts nourishing.

I've seen many entrepreneurs complaining about the failure of their startups but not working on the factors that put them down. Indeed startups are a risk. But you can mold this risk into a success if you focus on these four factors.

1. Start with the Vision

A startup without a vision is like the treasure without the key. If you don't have the key, you can't open the lock of the treasure. Similarly, if you don't have the vision then it's become challenging for the startup to thrive.

Vision is the drive that keeps you going, it dares you to accept the challenges, gives you the determination and ignites the passion in you. If you can't see where your startup will stand after ten years, how can you work to achieve it?

If the founders of Facebook, Google, Apple or YouTube haven't thought of the vision times ago, their startups wouldn't have achieved this popularity today.

Having the vision makes the small task if the business meaningful and develop the urge to do more to reach the destination.

Let's take an example to simplify vision.

"You have the idea to create the best app for students where they can easily access the essay writing service and you're working day and night to make this true. Here the vision is to solve the student's problem and become the best in all. If you take the same approach without the vision and the objective to earn money only then you can't expect your app to glean successful results."

With the right vision, revenue is never the problem but without vision, revenue will always be the problem.

2. Focus on Team Building

If you think your startup needs funding more than team building, then it's time to revise your thoughts. When your startup is at the initial stages, you need a strong foundation. If in case your foundation isn't strong, there are higher chances for your startup to fail. A strong team will focus on the attributes that make your startup successful. But a weak team will only be worried about the revenue and won't focus on the long-term vision of the company.

To build your team, here are small tips that you need to follow.

Find the right Co-Founders: Your co-founders should be the one who shares your vision, think for the company like theirs, holds the passion and partner you in boosting your startup. They could be one, two or three but they should have enormous influence in powering the other members of the team, decision-making and building the culture of the company. If you have found the right Co-Founders then congratulations you have started your journey with the right people.

Hire the Right People:

With a Startup, you can't do everything on your own, you need people to support you and the team to work with you. So, when you are hiring make sure you hire the people who have the growth mindset and are looking to grow with you. If you hire professionals, they'll ask you for a high salary but if you hire learners they will be interested to grow more than the salary.

Team Building Activities:

Being a startup, it never means you have to work only. When it is at the initial stage it is the only time to know your partners and team members. Sit in a group, collaborate, talk about the company, eat together, build the trust relationship and give everyone the space to grow. This is essential to boost the bottom line of the startup. If your team enjoys the work and doesn't feel agitated to add value then you've got the right team. Celebrate!

Remember, work becomes a priority if people start taking interest, enjoy being around and start giving their best in the startup.

3. Work on your Company's Culture:

Company's culture is important for any startup experience. If you want your startup to earn value and positive reputation, it's the culture you need to work on - right from the start. The biggest mistake startup make is to focus on the product launches, customer, and routine work instead of the culture.

Culture is the culmination of the vision, value, beliefs, the way your employees act and the recruitment of the team members. If you're successful in inhibiting a great company culture, you will become an inspiration for the people. The work on building the culture starts from day one, you don't have to think about it after the two years of your startup. In an article by Forbes, the failure of the startup in the first two years is 50-60% and this is because of the leadership and poor management which is linked to culture.

"For example: If your culture allows the employee to work 9-5 and for some of the employees you're giving the liberty of time then it's not a fair decision and it's going to outburst you in the future. Employees can take note of it and take it as a bad impression of your company."

Therefore, a great company culture adds to the sustainability of the company and create a positive impact in the surrounding. Balance between your work and culture building, take out some to know what your team think about you and what are the shared values. Train the new recruits and show them how important the culture is and the cost of breaking the norms. Once you get successful in creating a strong culture, you'll see the successful growth of your startup.

4. Never Miss the Opportunities to Grow

I've seen startup giving up the work that doesn't offer enough money. Thy only aim for big opportunities and don't work unless they find their sheer profit in the project. This mistake can cost startup in the long-term.

When you're a startup, you should dare to aim for the sky and to reach the sky you should target every star coming your way. If your focus is only money then you're making a mistake, sometimes you need to collaborate for the name of your company and growth in the positive side. If some of the projects aren't giving you enough, still accept it maybe you become the word of the mouth in doing a great job.

The Takeaway

It sounds great to have a business where you don't have to wake up to the sound of the alarms, dress up in a hurry to reach on time and fit in someone else's frame to earn money.

However, every entrepreneur starts with the aim to make their business successful but only a few make it to the destination. It's not because they work 24/7, it's because they work with vision, focus on team building, build the company's culture and never disappoint customers. And with the continuity and consistent success, they reach their goals. If you want, you can also do it by following the above mentioned factors.

If you want to add your comments and share your startup experience, you're welcomed to join in the comments below.

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