Limos are necessarily associated with class and for events like weddings and engagements; they are an obvious choice. Although, you may have planned a limo for your pretty bride, but have you really thought about your family members or those from the bride’s family. Are you going to ask them to use their personal vehicle? Well! That doesn’t seem like a courteous gesture at all. The same should go for bridesmaids; you should not leave them behind as you consider hiring transportation. 

The wedding ceremony ought to appear complete and when you fail to book cars for your guests, it’s more likely that they will reach the venue at different timings. Besides, it’s part of the gesture to arrange transportation for them as they are the ones responsible for adding to the essence of the event. 

Wedding transportation is a vital aspect and here are some simple guidelines to ensure that the process of choosing a Wedding Limo Service in Melbourne turns out an absolute hit among everyone. 

The ideal time for booking the wedding limo

Waiting for the last hour indicates sheer foolishness. Booking the vehicle way ahead of time or at least some six months prior to the scheduled date will mean you will have plenty of time to consider other vital aspects of your wedding. After you have settled for the date, venue and the party menu, its time you should book Stretch Limousine Hire in Melbourne. Remember there are months when it’s hard to get a booking. Months like April, May and June are peak season for marriage, prom or graduation. If you have scheduled a date somewhere in between, don’t waste a minute, book your wedding limo now to avoid last minute confusion and worries. 

People in your consideration 

Get a head count. Obviously! It doesn’t mean giving the privilege to everyone in the list. The headcount should include immediate family members and VIPs. The list must chiefly include the couple, parents and siblings both from the groom’s and bride’s families; grandparents and bridesmaids too should be taken into account. 


Distance here refers to what the vehicles are supposed to cover between your home, ceremonial and reception venues. If the distances are short, you may ask your guests to come on their own. If the cut off time goes beyond half an hour, you may need Stretch Limousine Hire in Melbourne to accommodate them into the vehicle. Hiring an extended limo will mean, accommodating all. Besides, it’s worth putting a smile on their faces by saving them from tedious cab journeys. 


Also, consider the location from where guests will arrive. If they are travelling from afar it’s a fair idea to invest in good transportation services allowing them to save time and money in reaching the destination on time. Besides, it can get a lot more inconvenient for them when travelling miles all on their own. 

As you consider these primary aspects while choosing a wedding limo service make sure you are having provision for guests with special needs. 

If you are unable to provide them the privilege to enjoy a luxurious ride to the ceremonial and reception grounds, make sure you have given enough information about the venue and the transportation routes on the wedding card. 

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The author runs a company dealing with Stretch Limousine Hire in Melbourne. In few recent blogs, the author has mentioned about some important considerations before hiring a wedding limo.