For people who work the conventional jobs, life can definitely get a bit monotonous. Without any thrill in life, people suffer from stress and anxiety which are the root causes of most diseases. The adrenaline rushing game of laser tag in Sydney for instance is gaining much popularity in recent years and for all the right reasons. But there are still many people who are a bit apprehensive about this game because to be honest, they don’t really know much of it. Most of them haven’t even tried this game yet and that’s completely understandable because it’s not a conventional game like football, tennis or cricket. Also, many people take “laser” way to literally. It’s not actual laser, it’s just beams of infrared lights.

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Whether its corporate events, parties, your kid’s birthday party or any other occasion, organising a laser tag game will undoubtedly satisfy everyone’s need for some fun and thrill. Basically, this game is quite like a first person shooting video game; the major difference being is that laser tag is far more interactive.

What equipments are needed?

Apart from an open space and all the players, one needs laser tag guns and sensors. Then again, you can equip yourself with all sorts of advanced gadgets if you have budget. You must have heard about paintballing, right? Well this is almost the same as paintballing; the only difference being is that laser tag guns have a broader range than paintball guns.

If you are going to a game of laser tag for the first time, there are certain things that you should know:-

Wearing the right kind of clothes is necessary

The primary aim of this game is to not get spotted by the opponent and unless you want to do otherwise, you’ll refrain from wearing light coloured clothes. Ideally, you should always wear dark coloured clothes so that you can blend in with the environment and easily hide. Preferably you should always wear comfortable sneakers. This isn’t a fashion show so high heels are a strict no. Also, refrain from wearing white sneakers. Unless you have good natural insulation, you should wear thick clothes because laser tag venues are usually very cold.

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Make sure to keep yourself hydrated

Laser tag is a physical game which means that you will sweat a lot during the game. Precisely for this reason, make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Set a clear plan on defending and attacking

This game is not only about preventing yourself from getting shot by the opposition; it’s also about shooting the opposition. You need to strike a clear balance between attacking and defending. Defend more and you will be cornered by the opposition, go all out attack and there is no doubt that you will get shot. Planning is the key here as you need to strategise everything from your opposition’s position to possible vantage points to ascertaining their next possible move.

There’s no doubt that if you are looking for kids entertainment in Sydney, organising a game of laser tag will do you a world of good.

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