Computer science engineering is one of the most trending disciplines of engineering in India as well as abroad. Most of the students who plan to pursue engineering keep B.Tech in Computer Science on their first priority. There are reasons behind the fad about computer science engineering, including the interesting subject, career prospects, and scope of rapid growth, etc.

The emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Engineering, 3D Modelling, and many more have changed the face of computer science engineering and created more curiosity among the aspirants to choose this stream of engineering for their B.Tech. On the other hand, due to surging craze about this form of engineering, few of the mediocre engineering colleges claim to be the best and fascinate the students to take admission. In such a scene, the students need to know few things while choosing an engineering college for B.Tech in Computer Science.

Let’s know what you need to know about a college before applying:-

Accreditation of the College

First and the foremost thing to know is accreditation status of the college. It should be accredited with a national body like University Grant Commission (UGC) and also with the state technical board. Here state technical board means if you are seeking admission in any of the engineering colleges in Hyderabad, then a JNTUH approved engineering college should be on your priority. “JNTUH’ here stands for Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

Faculty of the College

Faculty is the backbone of any academic institution and it’s mandatory for you to know about the experience, achievements, and expertise of the faculty where you’re planning to apply admissions. You can fetch the information of faculty easily from the website of the concerned college. Knowing about the faculty will enable you to assess the quality of education and the pedagogy methods adopted by a college where you are seeking admission.

Scope for Experiential Learning

Bookworms don’t make it big in engineering. Experiential learning is an essential aspect to focus on while studying engineering. You need to know about the scope for experiential learning in the college where you apply. Get aware of the industrial workshops, project-based learning, laboratories, etc. to rank a college on the scale of practical learning. It’s a must to focus on practical training to become a prolific engineer.

Placement Record

Last but the most important one, placement- ‘where we will be placed’ is the biggest reason for all our endeavors while studying. Check the previous placement records of the college you are going to apply for. Get acquainted with their industry-connections and top recruiters on panel- this is the way you can assess a college in terms of their placement record. If you find their placement record not up to the mark, then remove the same college from the list of your shortlisted ones.

If you’re planning to pursue B.Tech in Computer Science then the above pointers are going to help you the most in selecting the best college for you.

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Neha has been deputed as a management education counselor. She loves writing blog posts with an aim to educate management aspirants about the opportunities available for high-quality management education.