Many thoughts spin our mind when comes to online shopping. Prices are straight and deals are ample! What's best about online shopping is you can buy anything right from the comfort of your couch, ignoring long queues and frustration of stores. But hold on! With all the convenience, don't swear off online shopping – consider taking some precautions!

If you are looking to buy something for your home or for your near and dear ones, be cautious of shopping scams.

Here, I am going to discuss something serious! So, just pop up your eyes and read the things carefully.

These days, we can shop just about anything in a matter of minutes. Be it related to technology or something related to grocery. But! Where there is money, there is crime, and online shopping is also not untouched. Scammers try an array of tricks to steal your things. You can be a victim due to many reasons including unsafe WiFi.

If you are making use of unsecured WiFi networks, this can allow hackers to get access of your things like username, passwords, or even credit card numbers. To help you out, here we have assembled a few tips and tricks that can trim down your risk of being hacked while doing online shopping.

Tips for Safer Online Shopping

Hide Your Network Name

WiFi access points can usually be configured by using a default wireless network name, aka SSID. Changing them is a must to keep hackers away from your personal things. So, we suggest you to hide the name of your Network while shopping online. Doing so will secure your WiFi network and keep hackers at bay.

Get Glued to Trusted Brands Only

When comes to give security to your WiFi, we advise you to rely only on trusted brands like Netgear. The company offers an array of devices to help you make the most of your WiFi. By doing the Netgear router setup using you can not only secure your WiFi but also enjoy lag-free internet to shop just about anything.

Keep a Tab on all the Warnings or Alerts!

While making use of the internet, we came across various alerts and warnings. It can be related to a software update or end of your antivirus subscription. Scammers try to get access of your system by employing such tricks. So be aware of such things! Trust only on official pop-ups. If you have any doubt about the things prompting on your screen, don't click on them. You can be allured by free coupons or deals. Deals that look too appealing usually are scams!

Use a Secure WPA Password

Before jumping for online shopping, make sure to change the password of your WiFi network to something strong so that it can't be cracked by stubborn hackers. You might have used default credentials to complete Netgear router login If so, change the password now! Hackers can try to access your network using default passwords. Changing the default credentials to something secure will make it complex for criminals to gain access of your device or personal details.

Switch to VPN

Before embarking on a shopping spree, use a VPN. It will help you stay safe while doing online shopping by keeping all your personal stuff completely private. Using a VPN, you can keep your data hidden from prying eyes looking to steal things.

Final Thought

We hope that the above list will help you proceed for safer online shopping. Try all the tips as your guiding principle for online shopping. There are umpteen options available to shop online. We want you to make your day with safe online shopping. Just don't ruin your shopping experience by taking a chance on getting attracted to flashy things. Enjoy a happy-vappy and safe shopping!

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