Do you just hate it when you fit a gorgeous sleeveless dress, and all you can see are your flabby arms that are bulging for everyone to see? That's definitely not a good way to live. So to help you lose arm fat and tone those flabby arms, here are the best arm exercises that you can follow:

Bicep Curls

Bicep curl exercises are considered as the most comfortable and the safest way to get rid of those bulging fats around your arms. To do this, grab a pair of dumbbells, or a gallon of water bottle and hold each bottle with each hands. Keep your elbows to stay in contact with both sides of your lower torso and pick-up one bottle or dumbbells at a time, while inhaling and exhaling on the process.

Standing Barbell Curls

You can also do bicep curls or barbell curls in a standing position, but make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart from each other. Also, always make sure to keep your elbows close to your torso, and with the help of your forearms, slowly pull the barbell or water bottle closer to your chest. With the use of your bicep strength, try to maintain this position for a second, so you could maximize the resistance of your biceps.

Chair push-ups

Use any chair that you can find in your house, making sure that it is sturdy enough to hold your body. Rest your palms on the edges of your chair and lean forward while resting your legs on the incline that’s behind you. Now begin your push-ups, making sure that your chest will not touch the chair, and try to keep your chin up while doing the exercise and your back straight.

Elevated Push Ups

Remember to wear a pair of shoes when doing elevated push-up exercises. Just make use of a normal bench and try to hook your feet on both sides of the bench, while facing downwards on the floor. Push yourself up with the use of your arms, until you are stretched-out in parallel with the floor.

Wrist Curls with Dumbbells

The best form of arm exercises that helps to lose arm fat is wrist curls with dumbbells. To do this, begin by relaxing your elbows on a bench while taking hold of a dumbbell with your palm faced in an upward direction. With the use of your wrist strength, carefully lift the dumbbell up and down to a stretch that you can handle.

Remember that getting rid of those fats in your arm is just so easy, especially if you are familiar with these exercises to lose arm fat. Remember to perform these exercises regularly and make sure to watch your diet as well. It is very important that you control your calorie intake as well, because this is the number one reason why a person could gain lots of fats, including those fats all over your arms.

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