Lowering one's weight can often feel like a challenge, but this does not have to be the case. If you are determined to get back into shape, there are various approaches that can be adopted. A simple yet effective way to get rid of unwanted fat is to take diet pills. A fairly new product to the market, Proactol has already been used successfully by countless people to help drop weight.

Proactol is member of a category of diet pills that are known as fat binders. The primary active ingredient in this product comes from the Prickly Pear cactus. It contains soluble and non-soluble fibers. These fibers are what make the product highly effective in helping people lose fat. What's more, Proactol is 100% safe, this is a claim that not all dietary pills can make.

There have been many tests conducted that have proven unequivocally the effect that Prickly Pear has as a fat binder. In trials, it was found that around 27% more dietary fat is eliminated through the digestion process than normal. The undigested fat is then removed through the bowel in the regular way. It's this specific process which makes the pill such a great product.

When comparing fat binders with those pills that block fat absorption, the advantages are obvious. The former is more efficient and a lot safer. The actual process that is at work involves fiber binding with fat molecules to alter their size which in turn makes them too large to be absorbed through the stomach wall. This process is not one that causes any stomach complaints or similar problems.

Proactol is also claimed to have an appetite suppressant property. Users have found that they feel fuller and suffer fewer cravings to snack on unhealthy foods. What's more, as less fat is digested, your diet does not have to become severely restricted to achieve the results that you want to see.

It's not beyond the realms of possibility to start to see one's weight coming down within ten days of starting this pill. If it was to be used as a component of a holistic plan that also involved frequent workouts and a balanced diet, excellent results can be had. For this reason, Proactol has become a very popular product for dieters.

What also makes Proactol stand out is that it does not contain any artificial ingredients. It is wholly safe for consumption. That being said, always discuss your dietary plans with your doctor if you are going to use a diet pill.

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