Losing pregnancy weight as fast as possible is every new mom's dream, but the iron rule to remember is NEVER compare yourself with any celebrities who giving birth today and gain back her flat tummy tomorrow. Why? Here's the reasons:

1. You are on your own, not surrounded by nutritional expert, diet professional, personal trainer, and fashion designer like she does (excellent designed clothes can hide excess weight).

2. It's pretty common for a new mom to spend a few months to gain back her original weight and body shape after giving birth. If you try to make it faster by cutting calories drastically, you may encounter various health issues, particularly if are breastfeeding too.

Now that I know that the question ‘how to lose pregnancy weight’ can’t be answered overnight, what should I do to lose weight in healthy pace?

1. The first thing you should do is get used to a healthy eating habit; don't forget to add some regular mild exercises. Once you believe that your body has recovered and your period has went back to normal, take a balanced weight loss program to start reducing your extra weight.

2. Walking with your baby is a fun alternative for light exercise; Use a Snugli, swing, or baby jogger and take a ten minutes walk together with your baby on a daily basis.

3. Breastfeeding can help your weight loss process since it will release hormones to your body which will help your uterus to return to its normal size and shape. Please remember not to let your calorie intakes below healthy range; this is important to keep your milk's quality and quantity. Please DON'T take junk foods as your calorie source, eat only nutritious foods.

After you you gain back your strength and fitness, you need to take a weight loss program; please aware that your body condition after giving birth is different from average people, so don't just take any program carelessly. A great program for post pregnancy mom need to satisfy these criteria:

1. Fad diet is the worst possible answer to the question ‘how to lose pregnancy weight’; overlook any fad diet although they offers you fast weight loss; the negative effects like starvation, mood swing, and headache will make you struggle to do your daily routines properly.

2. Teach you about healthy lifestyle through proper food portion and nutrition knowledge; your body hasn't gain back its original strength and you still have to take care of the newborn baby, so stay healthy all the time is a must.

3. Getting sufficient portion of workout. Remember that merely cutting your meal portion won’t do. A good designed exercise session can shed your weight quickly, especially in the area with the most problem: the ‘mommy belly’.

4. You’re a mom and have to take care of the family, especially with the new family member, so wasting time on long cardio session or preparing special foods are totally out of the question. You want a exclusively designed program for busy mom that won’t steal your family time.

So, how to lose pregnancy weight? The iron rule is to wait with patience until your body recover from having a baby while doing mild exercise. Once you're ready, get a weight loss program that keep you healthy while losing weight and doesn’t sacrifice your time for the family.

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