When you decide that you want to start losing weight, you may think about the physical changes you must make to your diet and exercise choices. However, there are other ways to achieve weight loss. If you want to lose weight in a natural way you may need to change your belief system.

Most mental health professionals will agree that the things you think about influence your behaviors. These behaviors then become your reality.

A woman has been told that she is overweight by her doctors, her family and her friends. They are continually encouraging her to lose weight. Over time, she begins to believe that her weight is problem. After attempting many diets with little to no maintainable success, she begins to develop the belief that she will never be able to lose weight. These discouraging thoughts lead her to even more overeating. She becomes so upset with herself that she even begins to wonder if she will ever find someone to love her.

Her thought process and beliefs are keeping her from reaching her goal. When she feels that she cannot lose weight she may continue to try, but give up easily. Her thoughts must begin to change before she can achieve permanent weight loss.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is important to look at the beliefs that you hold about yourself, dieting, people who are thin, people who are overweight, and society's views on eating and weight as whole. By knowing what your beliefs are now, you can determine if they promote or hinder weight loss.

A weight loss program that promotes a non-diet approach will help you face your beliefs regarding eating, food, and weight. You will have the ability to take the beliefs that do not promote natural weight loss stance and change them. Changing your beliefs will lead to a more positive outlook on yourself and your ability to lose weight.

Imagine yourself free from negative beliefs. A life where you do not have to worry if everyone is “staring at the fat girl”. A life where you can walk down the street holding your head high and feeling wonderful about yourself. A life where size 22 is just as beautiful as a size 6. A life where you are not chained down by your need for food, where food is pleasurable but not an obsession.

The change has to come from a conscious place and a belief that you can do anything that you decide to do. The first step is to determine which negative beliefs you hold. Then begin to change them around to be positive. You would take the belief “I can never lose weight” and turn it into “I will reach my body's natural weight”. You may not believe this at first. Once you begin telling yourself these truths, they will slowly become true for you.

Thinking positively about yourself and weight loss can help you achieve your goals. It is best to post these positive statements around your home. That way you are reminded of the greatness that you possess. I am not asking you to believe them with your whole heart today- just to give it time.

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