This is a very common question in my inbox, and it goes something like this: "I would like to drink more water. I drink soda pop, tea, and coffee, and I'm ashamed to say I put sugar in my tea and coffee. It doesn't taste the same without it. But all diets and eating regimes say to drink more water instead. And I have a big problem with drinking water. I did very well in my weight loss last time, but I have put everything back on again, because I came off the wagon and lost all self control and willpower.

The good news is that with EFT, it is not that way at all. EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques or Emotional Freedom Tapping, uses a unique mixture of targeted acupressure and releasing wording to change the way you eat and drink forever - enjoyably!

With EFT you do not need self control. You just don't feel as hungry any more:-)

Put a glass of water in front of you. Rate on a scale of 10-0, where 10 is "yuk" and 0 is "yes I'll have some". Keep tapping on all the points you usually like, one statement on each point, over and over again, until the water aversion decreases. For example, you can tap one statement on the Karate Chop, the next on the Top of the Head, then Eye Brow, the next on the Side of The Eye, then Under Eye, Nose, Chin, Collar Bone, Under Arm, and Wrists. Have a rest and try again another day. Keep doing it till water feels good to drink.

"I don't want to drink this water;

"I respect my feelings about not liking water anyway;

"I am allowed not to like water;

"Water does not feel like a luxury;

"Maybe part of me is feeling the need for luxury and I don't associate water with luxury;

"Maybe part of me feels deprived;

"Maybe tea and coffee remind me of good times with friends;

"Maybe fizzy drinks feel like love;

"I am willing to think about this water thing anyway;

"I respect my feelings anyway."

If tears of discomfort comes, just tap silently on all the points till you feel calmer, even if it takes 20 minutes or so. Better have those uncomfortable feelings come out than stuff them in with excess food and drink.

Remember, the glass of water in front of you is useful to the energy connection. Do not just imagine it. And don't force yourself to drink it either! EFT is not a mind control method. It is an energy balancing technique. It has the power to balance your energy disruptions that stand between you and drinking healthy water.

Enjoy your healing and slimming journey.

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