Discover how to lose weight naturally, through a healthy diet, without products or treatments.

First, losing weight is intrinsically linked to establishing a healthy life plan. A balanced diet, with high consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish; Guarantees weight loss.

In a matter of exercise, it is not necessary to do much, if our body is accustomed to little activity; we will try to introduce more and more exercise progressively, to increase resistance.

Although, it is the principle it is advisable to go for a brisk walk, for at least 45 minutes, or go to dance classes, aerobics, or any directed activity that makes us move. Little by little we will acquire resistance and we can increase the pace and duration of the exercises.

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What should I eat to lose weight?

After these tips on a healthy life plan, in relation to food we will comment that it is advisable to eliminate foods rich in fats, fried, sweet, battered and sauces sporadically; as well as pre-cooked products, pastries etc.

You should drink at least 2 liters of water a day and avoid carbonated drinks or sugary sodas, as well as alcoholic beverages.

The diet should be based on a higher consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats such as turkey or chicken as they are the least fat, they give us.

The fish is vital in a healthy and balanced diet, and we should consume at least 3 times a week; white or blue, without distinctions although blue fish provides more fat, even if they are healthy.

To lose weight it is important to reduce the frequency of consumption of carbohydrates such as pasta and rice and bet on whole grains that give us more fiber.

The vast majority of us abuse these kinds of foods, because we don't just eat them alone; but we incorporate them into different stews. Which translates into an almost daily excessive consumption of these carbohydrates.

We must also reduce fat consumption, and prefer those of unsaturated plant origin. If you still do not distinguish them, we recommend that you read this post about the different fats, because not all of them are bad, nor are they all the same.

Remember to eliminate from your diet sweets, processed products, high in saturated fat, refined flour, creamy sauces, and all those products loaded with empty calories of nutrients.


How to adjust the portions for a natural weight loss?

The easiest solution is to limit the consumption of pasta carbohydrates once a week, rice also once a week pasta and other legumes and try not to mix them and consume them always at lunch, never at dinner.

We should not completely eliminate carbohydrates, since although this would produce a rapid weight loss, the rebound effect would also increase.

The rest of the dishes cannot be accompanied by pasta or rice, so we will accompany it with a defatted broth or fresh vegetables in salad or steamed, we will make the healthiest and least calorie side dishes.

We will avoid the sauces, flours, fried and battered and the bread we will consume preferably during the day and the dinners will make them lighter.

We will always try to consume the foods with greater caloric intake during the day, because the energy will be burned in our daily activity, never during dinners, as a greater number of calories will remain in our reserves.

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