If you find that you are trying to lose post pregnancy weight by taking a diet consisting of healthier foods but are still struggling, you may want to take foods with a higher amount of fiber so as to help you boost fat loss.

First of all, blackberries are amazing fruits for weight loss as they are full of fiber and rich in antioxidants as well. On top of that, blackberries are also very low in calorie content and contains many other vitamins.

Other than blackberries, raspberries are another group of berries which are also antioxidant rich and low in calories. They also have a very high fiber content.

Black beans are legumes which will serve your fat loss goals very well, as they are low in calorie content and high in protein content. Protein takes more energy to burn off, and also goes to building lean muscle mass. Therefore, taking black beans which is high in protein content will help you burn off more calories!

Another great example of legumes which are a fantastic source of fiber will be lentils. They are, like black beans, also high in protein content. This means that by taking lentils, you will feel fuller for longer periods of time!

Avocados may have slightly higher fat content, but the fats contained within are healthy types, and not unsaturated or trans fats. Therefore, take more avocados as they contain lots of fiber!

Peas are always good for fat loss, and green peas are a great example. High in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and protein, green peas are a good choice of food if you wish to lose your post pregnancy weight. Also, they are low in calorie content, so you can eat them without worry of becoming fat.

When taken in moderation, whole wheat pasta can prove to be very beneficial for your fat loss efforts! They are high in fiber content while low in fats. However, do not take too much of whole wheat pasta as they are high in carbohydrates content, and over consumption of foods which are mainly carbohydrates will also serve to make you heavier.

The final food I am going to share with you within this article will be pears. If you were to eat the pear whole, with the skin intact, a medium sized pear contains 5.5 grams of fiber! So, a pear makes a great snack to help you lose your post pregnancy weight.

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