If you are looking at the mirror after deliver your baby and don’t really like what you see, I can understand if losing baby fat is your first priority now. But please note that it won’t happen anytime soon. As fat loss can’t happen overnight, your habits, lifestyle, and daily activities can’t be changed in short time either.

The first thing that you should change in losing baby fat is your eating habit (yes, that means you should go on a diet). If you do a little research, you are going to find tons of hyped diet being promoted in TV, magazines, websites, etc. These diets offer quick fix and probably you have heard some of them: low-fat, low-carb, Hollywood diet, South Beach, Cabbage Soup, Grapefruit, and so on. You’ll lose weight fast with these diets, but you’ll also have your metabolic rate slowed down significantly and when you’re back to your old eating habit, you’ll gain more weight than you’ve lost.

What you should do is eating supportively, which means you should have proper portion of protein and carbohydrates in each meal. Instead of three big meal per day where you’ll eat until you’re overstuffed, eat 4-6 small meal per day; this will keep you full throughout the day. Focus on healthy foods and beverages in each meal and make sure you enjoy them in moderation instead of excess.

Replacing what you usually eat with healthier alternative is not something that can be done easily; do this by exclude several fat promoting foods and introduce some healthy foods every week. By doing it step by step, you safe yourself from frustration and grief that can make you stop halfway.

The next thing that you should pay attention in losing baby fat is your daily activities. Healthy diet will be useless if you won’t spare some time to have exercise session regularly. You have a baby to be taken care of, so you can’t go to a gym for a while, but there are many effective exercises that only use bodyweight or simple equipment that you can perform at your own home. If you do it correctly, these exercises can give you more benefits compared to being clueless at the gym.

Don’t bother with the time; instead of aiming to exercise 30 minutes today, just do your scheduled training for that day. This way, you can focus more on the workout, not the clock. Remember that with resistance training, you don’t have to exercise every day since 2-3 times per week is enough.

Diet and exercise are important in losing baby fat, but suddenly include them in your life will lead to frustration and grief. The right way to do it is introducing new good habit and get rid of bad habit every week. Measure your own willpower and condition; how far you can push yourself without being overstressed? If you can include more than one good habit every week, it is even better. Do not aim for perfection; instead, aim for progress. If you’re making significant progress every week, you’ll get even closer to your goal.

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